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Every product in Fieldworks Supply's line-up of personal care products is crafted by hand and features simple combinations of pure natural ingredients that have proven benefits for the skin.


The signature ingredient in Fieldworks Supply Company products is bentonite clay sourced from deposits in the western US. Its absorbent properties making it an excellent skin purifier and clarifier and give the brand's popular soaps and body washes their remarkable cleansing power.

  • Dapper & Done  | Fieldworks Supply Weather Ready Hand Repair
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    Fieldworks Supply

    Weather Ready Hand Repair

    $ 16.00


    Fieldworks Supply

    Weather Ready Hand Repair

    $ 14.45

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    The Jobs It Does for You...

    • Moisturizes.
    • Heals tiny tears that occur when there is inflammation and/or dry, cracking skin with Calendula.
    • Encourages the production of new skin cells with Helichrysum.
    • Keeps skin supple with beneficial clays and natural...
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