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Get Daps! Dapper & Done Points Program

Dapper & Done has a pretty awesome points program. Each time you spend money buying products at Dapper & Done, you'll earn points (aka "Daps") - and once you accumulate enough Daps, you'll be able to use them to get free products.


Daps Points Program 

2 Different Levels

Our points program has 2 different levels:

1. Auto-replenishment Customers.

You are considered an "Auto-replenishment Customer" if you have at least one active auto-replenishment subscription with Dapper & Done. Auto-replenishment customers will earn 2.5 Daps for each $1 they spend at Dapper & Done.

For auto-replenishment customers:

  • Spend $1 = Earn 2.5 Daps
  • 25 Daps = $1
  • Another way to look at it is for every $100 you spend, you'll be getting $10 back.


2. "Regular" Customers.

You are considered a "regular" customer if you don't have any active auto-replenishment subscriptions with us. You will earn 1 Dap for each $1 you spend at Dapper & Done.

For regular customers:

  • Spend $1 = Earn 1 Dap
  • 25 Daps = $1
  • Another way to look at it is for every $100 you spend, you'll be getting $4 back.


Got more questions?

Here are some more details...

Does Dapper & Done have a Loyalty (or Points) Program?

Oh yeah! Absolutely.

By making purchases at Dapper & Done, you can earn points (aka “Daps”) that you can redeem for free gifts or products in the future.


What in the world is a “Dap?”

"Daps" are fist bumps - and they're also our version of points for our loyalty program.


How do I earn Daps?

You earn Daps by making purchases at Dapper & Done.

If you are an auto-replenishment customer (meaning you have at least one active auto-replenishment subscription), you will get 2.5 Daps for every $1 you spend.

If you are a "regular" customer (with no active auto-replenishment subscriptions), you will get 1 Dap for every $1 you spend.


How many Daps do I get by making a purchase?

For most of our products, you’ll get 2.5 Daps (for auto-replenishment customers) or 1 Dap (for regular customers) for each $1 dollar you spend.

For example, if you are a regular customer, and you buy a beard oil for $25, you’ll get 25 Daps.

For some products (like Starter Kits), you have the opportunity to earn additional Daps.


What are Daps worth? How many Daps do I need to make a purchase?

Each Dap is worth $0.04. In other words, 25 Daps = $1.

For auto-replenishment customers (customers who have at least 1 active product subscription), you’ll get 2.5 Daps for each $1 you spend at Dapper & Done.

For “regular” customers (who don’t have any active auto-replenishment product subscriptions), you’ll get 1 Dap for each $1 you spend at Dapper & Done.

Key takeaway: be an auto-replenishment customer :)


How do I redeem Daps?

When you are logged into your Dapper & Done account and have enough points to buy a product, a “Buy with Points” button will appear on product pages.

When you click “Buy with Points,” a modal will appear for you to confirm your shipping information. Once you confirm the shipping information, just click “Buy” and you’re good to go!


How many products can I redeem with Daps at one time?

You can only buy one product at a time with Daps.


When I order a product with Daps, do I get free shipping?



Can I use Daps to place an auto-replenishment subscription?

Sorry, but you can’t – Daps can only be used for one-time orders.


Do Daps expire?