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Our Story

Our story started with a problem.

Our founder, Justin Hong, is a busy guy - and whenever he would run out of grooming products, he would have to take time out of his day to go to the store. What a HUGE waste of time.

This pain point led Justin to come up with the initial idea for Dapper & Done back in 2014. For a period, Dapper & Done aimed to help men easily and efficiently discover the right grooming products for their needs.

Now in 2018, there are more needs to be met, more pain points to solve - and the target for Dapper & Done is now (drum roll, please)... work travel for men.

Work travel can be hard. It's tough on your body, it can be highly inefficient - and it's certainly not as easy to look and feel dapper on the road as it is at home.

Well, Dapper & Done is here to help.

Dapper & Done's essential intent is to make looking and feeling dapper as easy on the road as it is at home for men who travel for work.

Being dapper while you travel for work should be simple, efficient, and enjoyable. Let's make it happen.

Welcome to Dapper & Done.

Let's make being dapper on the road as easy as it is at home.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

Avy M.
”I am so happy with everything (as is my guy), and I really appreciate the excellent customer service you provided. You definitely have our business from here on out!”

– Avy M.

Matt B.
”I think you run a great business and I'm always happy to spend money with D&D. I'd pay twice the price if I had to.”

– Matt B.

Brett M.
”Dapper & Done is my one-stop, go-to source for personal grooming solutions! The selection of products is amazing... Keep up the outstanding customers service...! You've got a loyal customer here.”

– Brett M.

Sean N.
”Dapper & Done is a great way to start to introduce new grooming products into your lifestyle with their starter kits. Great customer service as well.”

– Sean N.


The Immutable Laws of Dapper & Done

Meet The Founders

Justin and Winnie Hong (aka JustWin)

We’re the team behind Dapper & Done.

Justin is overtly laid-back but intrinsically intense and driven. Winnie has a tendency to get hung up on the tiniest of details but has a very fun-loving and chill side as well.

Justin is an entrepreneur who has a passion for building businesses. Winnie has a brand marketing background, having worked in consumer products, entertainment and technology.

Between the two of us, there is some overlap but our differences in backgrounds and personalities provide balance, resulting in a wonderful partnership. We’re very excited to bring you Dapper & Done… and hope that what we’re building can make your life easier and better.