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The Dapperness Journey: "How to Choose" Product Guides

If you're the reading type, then you're in the right place.

Below is our library of "how to choose" grooming product guides that can guide you to the products that are a good fit for your specific skin and/or hair type.

And if you want to learn about specific product types, we have a bunch of those guides for you too. :)

We have 3 categories of "How to Choose" guides:


 Start Here: Identify Your Skin & Hair Types


"How to Choose" Guides for Specific Skin Types

Once you know your skin type, find the corresponding guide below to help you choose grooming products for your specific skin type:


"How to Choose" Guides for Specific Hair Types

Men's Hairstyles

Once you know what your hair type is, check out the guide for your specific type of hair to learn how to choose the proper shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling product for your hair:


"How to Choose" Guides for Specific Product Types

These guides will educate you on the different grooming products for men - and will help you choose which products match your needs.

We have resources for:

You can also use our glossary of men's grooming products as a reference to learn about the different types of men's grooming products that are out there.


Face Care Products

Dapper & Done | Face Care Products


Beard Grooming Products

Dapper & Done | Beard Grooming Products


Shaving Products

Dapper & Done | Shaving Products


Body Care Products

Dapper & Done | Body Care Products


Hair Care & Styling Products

Dapper & Done | Hair Care & Styling Products