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If you have any questions about, please take a list of the questions & answers below.  If you can't find the answer to your question, please shoot an email to help@dapperanddone.com.  Thank you!


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General Questions


Orders, Shipping, and Returns


Auto-Replenishment Subscriptions


Starter Kits and Samples


"Daps" Points Program


General Questions

What is Dapper & Done?

You know how there are just so many men's grooming products out there - and you might not know what products will or won't work for you?

Well, what Dapper & Done does is take you on a guided journey - via our "how to choose" guides, product recommendation tools, Starter Kits, and other resources - so that you can efficiently discover the right products for your individual needs.

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How can I learn more about grooming products and how to choose them?

Here are some resources to get you started:

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Can I try samples?

There are different ways for you to try samples, including:

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Does Dapper & Done offer a guarantee?

Absolutely. We have the Dapper & Done Product Fit Guarantee, which is better than your typical, boring Money-Back Guarantee.

A lot of guys are worried about spending money on a product they might not like. With our Product Fit Guarantee, you essentially have risk-free shopping because if you buy something that you don't like, we will make it right by:

  • Giving you a full refund on your original product
  • Providing you with 1-on-1 consulting to find a replacement product
  • Sending you the replacement product for free

And if we don't have a replacement product for you, then you'll get a gift card for the amount you spent on your original product.

Sound good to you? :)

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Auto-replenishment Subscriptions

How does auto-replenishment work?

Well. Very well. :)

To summarize briefly, here’s how it works: You pick the products for your first shipment. You choose how often (e.g. 6 weeks) you want to receive products. You get your first shipment delivered to you. You live your life.

A few days before your next auto-replenishment order, you’ll receive a reminder from us. Many changes you want (e.g. pause, modify, etc.) you want - or do nothing and receive the products from your initial order.  


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What are the benefits of auto-replenishment?

You save time (No more driving to the store to pick up grooming products or spending time searching for what you want online.)

You can save money (5% off select products you choose auto-replenishment for).

You get free shipping if you live in the US (flat fee of $5 shipping for Canadian residents).

You get reminded about your upcoming recurring orders, so you can forget about forgetting to buy products.

You earn more Daps for every $1 you spend when compared to non-autoreplenishment customers (2.5 Daps vs. 1 Dap per $ spend); you can use these Daps to get free products. (Learn about the "Daps" points program here.)

You get exclusives and special offers “regular” customers don’t get.

And more...

Does that work for you? :)

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Do I get free shipping with auto-replenishment?

Yes, you do if your shipping address is in the United States.

If your shipping address is in Canada, there’s a flat-fee of $5 for auto-replenishment shipping (which is down from $10 for regular, one-time orders.)

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How much control do I have over my auto-replenishment subscriptions?

You have a lot of control - here are some things that you have control over:

  • You get to determine how often the shipments are sent to you. With our program, you get to choose how often shipments are sent to you. 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks. It’s up to you.
  • You can increase or decrease the quantity of the product(s) you have on auto-replenishment.
  • You can choose to “Ship Now” if you need a shipment more urgently.
  • You can view your upcoming orders.
  • You can skip a shipment (let’s say, if you go on vacation or something).
  • You can add a product to your existing auto-replenishment plan
  • And more!

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How do I make changes to my auto-replenishment subscriptions?

It’s simple. You just log in to your account, click on the “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION” option, and view your subscriptions.

Once you’re on your subscription management page, you can click on “Manage” and identify what you want to do on the dropdown menu.

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Can I place a one-time purchase and an auto-replenishment purchase in the same order?

Yes, you can - and, as a bonus, you will get free shipping (US-only) too. :)

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Are there any hidden subscription fees?


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Do I get a reminder before my next order ships out?

Absolutely - the reminders are one of the best parts about our auto-replenishment.

A few days before your upcoming auto-replenishment order, you’ll receive a “reminder” message about your shipment. You can modify your order, pause it, etc - or choose to do nothing, and you’ll get the same products as you did in your previous order.

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What happens if I don’t update the products for my next shipment?

Lazy, eh? :) Just kidding, just messing with you.

We’ll just send you the products from your previous shipment. Keep it simple, baby.

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When can I expect to receive my recurring shipments?

It depends on the frequency that you choose.  

But let’s say you set your frequency for 6 weeks - you can expect to receive your recurring shipments about 6 weeks after you receive your previous one.

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Can I cancel whenever I want? Do you have a cancellation policy on auto-replenishment subscriptions?

Nope, cancel whenever you want. No fees, no drama.

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Orders, Shipping, and Returns

What is your shipping policy? Do you offer free shipping?

United States: For any orders $50 or over, shipping is free. For any orders $49.99 and under, we charge a flat fee of $5.

Canada: We currently don't have free shipping to Canada; we charge a flat fee of $10 for all orders.

Shipping is always free for all US orders that include an auto-replenishment order ($5 flat fee for Canadian auto-replenishment orders).

Also, there are no shipping fees for Dapper & Done Starter Kits.

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Where do you ship to?

We ship to the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii),  US military locations around the world via their APO, FPO & DPO addresses, and Canada.

Sorry, but we don’t ship internationally (except to Canada) - hopefully, this will change as we grow our business.

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How long will it take for me to get my order?

For standard shipping with the United States Postal Service, a ballpark estimate is about 5 business days from when you order. Could be shorter and could be longer… you know how it is.  

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My order hasn’t arrived yet.  What should I do?

Yell at your postman! Just kidding, don’t do that.  Just email us at help@dapperanddone.com, and we'll look into it for you.

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What is your return policy? How do I set up a return?

We don't have a return policy because you don't ever have to return anything that you don't want. Don't worry - you'll be taken care of! Here's how:

With our Product Fit Guarantee, you have risk-free shopping. If you end up buying something that you don't want, Dapper & Done will make things right by:

  • Giving you a full refund on the original product you purchased
  • Providing you with 1-on-1 consulting to find a replacement product
  • Sending you the replacement product for free

If we don't have a placement product for you, then you'll receive a gift card for the amount you spent on your original product.

Deal? :)

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How do I change or cancel my order?

If you want to change or cancel your order, please send us a message at help@dapperanddone.com as soon as you can so that we don’t ship out your original order.  

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Starter Kits and Samples

What is a Starter Kit?

Starter Kits contain 6 or 10 (depending on what you order) grooming samples for you to try out so that you can discover products you like. Getting a Starter Kit of samples will allow you to test out a variety of different products before you commit to buying full-size version of the products.

We offer a variety of Starter Kits for you to choose from, and you can also choose to build your own Starter Kit. The Build Your Own Starter Kit allows you to choose all of your grooming samples.

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Why is buying a Starter Kit a more efficient way to discover grooming products?

There are monthly subscription samples boxes that you can subscribe to - but they can be costly, and you may not necessarily get samples of products you want to try out. (For example, if you are bald, do you really need to try shampoo samples?)

With our Starter Kits, you'll be able to try samples that are relevant to your needs. If you're looking for shaving products, try the Wet Shaving Starter Kit. If you want to pick your own samples, then the Build Your Own Starter Kit is for you.

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What is a Free Sample Pack?

A Free Sample Pack is a pack of 3 samples that you can add on to any order. (You can also just get the Free Sample Pack on its own, but you would have to pay for shipping.)

We have 5 options available:

  • Random Samples
  • Face and Skincare Samples
  • Shaving Samples
  • Beard Grooming Samples
  • Body & Hair Care Samples
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How many Free Sample Packs can I order at one time?

You can only order one Free Sample Pack per order. Even if you place an order for more than one, you will still only get one.

BUT you can get a Free Sample Pack with every order you place. :)

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Can I choose what samples I get in my Free Sample Pack?

You can choose the type of samples (e.g. beard samples) you get - but you don't get to choose the specific samples (e.g. Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil).

If you want to choose specific samples to try out, you can do so with the Build Your Own Starter Kit.

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"Daps" Points Program

Does Dapper & Done have a Loyalty (or Points) Program?

Oh yeah! Absolutely.

By making purchases at Dapper & Done, you can earn points (aka “Daps”) that you can redeem for free gifts or products in the future.

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What in the world is a “Dap?”

"Daps" are fist bumps - and they're also our version of points for our loyalty program.

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How do I earn Daps?

There are a couple of ways you can earn Daps:

1. You earn Daps by making purchases at Dapper & Done.

If you are an auto-replenishment customer (meaning you have at least one active auto-replenishment subscription), you will get 2.5 Daps for every $1 you spend.

If you are a "regular" customer (with no active auto-replenishment subscriptions), you will get 1 Dap for every $1 you spend.

2. You can also earn Daps (100 of them) by registering for an account with Dapper & Done.

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How many Daps do I get by making a purchase?

For most of our products, you’ll get 2.5 Daps (for auto-replenishment customers) or 1 Dap (for regular customers) for each dollar you spend. For example, if you are a regular customer, and you buy a beard oil for $25, you’ll get 25 Daps.

For some products (like Starter Kits), you have the opportunity to earn additional Daps.

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What are Daps worth? How many Daps do I need to make a purchase?

Each Dap is worth $0.04. In other words, 25 Daps = $1.

For auto-replenishment customers (customers who have at least 1 active product subscription), you’ll get 2.5 Daps for each $1 you spend at Dapper & Done.

For “regular” customers (who don’t have any active auto-replenishment product subscriptions), you’ll get 1 Dap for each $1 you spend at Dapper & Done.

Key takeaway: be an auto-replenishment customer :)

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How do I redeem Daps?

When you are logged into your Dapper & Done account and have enough points to buy a product, a “Buy with Points” button will appear on product pages.

When you click “Buy with Points,” a modal will appear for you to confirm your shipping information. Once you confirm the shipping information, just click “Buy” and you’re good to go!

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How many products can I redeem with Daps at one time?

You can only buy one product at a time with Daps.

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When I order a product with Daps, do I get free shipping?


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Can I use Daps to place an auto-replenishment subscription?

Sorry, but you can’t – Daps can only be used for one-time orders.

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Do Daps expire?


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