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How to Choose: Conditioners for Men

Dapper & Done | Conditioners for Men

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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • About the different types of conditioners
  • How to choose a conditioner that’s a good fit for you

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How to Choose: Conditioners for Men

Some things just go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, knives and forks. Shampoo and conditioner is another match - and not just for ladies. Guys who want to have healthy, easy-to-manage hair need to condition too.

Conditioner replenishes moisture and nutrients that your hair needs to remain shiny and soft. Without regular conditioning, your hair can become weak and dehydrated, making it likely to break and become frizzy.

The key to getting good results from a men's conditioner is to know what kind is right for you and how to choose one for your hair type.

An example of a conditioner for men is the Thick Conditioner from Portland General Store:

Dapper & Done | Portland General Store Thick Conditioner 



Another one is the Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner from Brickell:

 Dapper & Done | Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Types of Conditioner

There are three main kinds of conditioner:


1. Daily Conditioner

As its name suggests, a daily conditioner is used every day or at least after every time that you shampoo.

Most products are designed to be worked through your hair and rinsed immediately or left in place for a couple of minutes before rinsing.


2. Leave-In Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is applied to damp or dry hair to add extra moisture. You don't rinse it out after application, so it can hydrate your hair throughout the day.

Leave-ins are best for guys with frizzy or dry hair and can also make it easier to shape curls and waves.


3. Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner is a treatment that is typically used weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly to address hair care concerns like dryness or breakage.

Like a daily conditioner, a deep conditioner is rinsed out after use; however, you typically leave it on your hair for a longer period of time to allow its ingredients to penetrate the hair strands.


How to Choose Hair Conditioner for Men

When you're shopping for a hair conditioner, you should look for a product that complements your hair type.


Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, look for a moisturizing conditioner, which contain more hydrating ingredients to address signs of dryness.


Oily Hair

If you have oily hair, choose a clarifying conditioner, a formula that helps to reduce excess scalp oils and balance oil content in the skin while conditioning the hair.


Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, pick a volumizing conditioner, which will increase the amount of body and bounce to give you a fuller-looking style.


Thin Hair

For thin hair, try a thickening conditioner, a product that increases the size of the hair strands to give you the illusion of thicker hair.

Hair loss conditioners with ingredients that stimulate the scalp to support growth are another great choice for guys with thinning hair.


Frizzy Hair

If you have frizzy hair, you can use a smoothing conditioner to seal the strands and reduce the effects of humidity.


Curly Hair

For curly chair, try a curl enhancing or curl control conditioner that makes it easier to shape and style curls after use.


Sensitive Hair/Scalp

For sensitive scalps, color treated or fragile hair, select sulfate-free conditioners, which are gentler.


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