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A Guide: Business Travel Bags, Luggage, Gear and Accessories for Men

Business Travel Bag

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A Guide: Business Travel Travel Bags, Luggage, Gear, and Accessories for Men

Travel is an important part of many businessmen’s jobs. Jet-setting sends them all across the country - and even sometimes the world - in order to lock down important deals, have crucial meetings with clients and partners, or check out new site locations for expansion. There are a number of reasons that a person might need to go on business trips - and with trips, there comes… (sigh)… packing.

Packing for a business trip is a little different from packing for vacation – for example, you might only need to bring a suitcase and a carry-on bag for vacation.

If you’re packing for business, you might need to consider things such as toiletry bags to stay groomed, garment bags to keep your suit(s) neat, and shoe bags for those nice dress shoes of yours. And that's not even counting the accessories that make your trip more fluid and comfortable.

This comprehensive business travel buyer's guide will allow businessmen to browse different types of business travel bags, luggage, gear, and accessories for men to take with them on their next business trip.


Business Travel Bags and Luggage

Carry-On Bags

Carry-on luggage is luggage that people can take with them into the cabins on their flights. It’s important for the items businessmen need to keep with them on a flight.

Carry-on bags should be large enough to carry the necessary belongings - yet small enough to fit the flight requirements.

Business Travel - Luggage

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You might also want to consider looking for a carry-on that has durable, sturdy wheels (you never know when you might need to run through the airport), and a strong handle that can withstand the weight of what's inside. Compartment spaces are also important for organization.


Weekend and Duffel Bags

A good duffel bag can also serve as a carry-on bag if needed, depending on the sort of items that need to be packed.

Business Travel - Duffel Bag

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A duffel bag lets you carry larger than usual items that you might want to put in a carry-on. This includes shoes that may be needed after landing, extra clothes, and more. You could even fit a grooming bag or Dopp kit inside of it to make it simple to access once you reach the hotel room. Toss in any essentials like wallets, phones, and keys as well.



In the event that the traveling businessman prefers a hands-free experience, a backpack might be better suited for him. Not only can it make for a nice carry-on bag, but it can also be handy while navigating a new city.

Business Travel - Backpack

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A backpack can hold the essentials - like a tablet, wallet, and keys - and it can also hold things like a more casual change of clothing for after the meeting when everyone is heading out to a nice dinner.


Garment Bags

Garment bags are one of the most important types of bags a businessman can travel with. These bags are designed to keep suits and other formal wear nice and neat, free of wrinkles and snagging as businessmen travel from one place to the next.

These bags can hold clothing until one is ready to wear them, keeping them nicely pressed and ironed - and safe from any sorts of odors, food, or liquids that you might encounter while traveling. A waterproof garment bag would be a solid choice.


Shoe Bags

A shoe bag is designed to keep dress shoes clean and away from the rest of a person’s belongings. Shoe bags are durable and often waterproof, letting a person toss them into their suitcases without fear that any dirt on the bottom is going to get onto them and ruin them in transit. These bags can be purchased in a number of different styles and materials.


Dopp Kits

A Dopp kit is a men's toiletry bag that lets businessmen carry their grooming essentials with them. When the manufacturing of Dopp kits first began, they were made exclusively out of leather, but now one can get them in waxed canvas and other such materials.

Business Travel - Dopp Kit

They are ideal for storing colognes, shaving creams, razor kits, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, combs, and anything else that a man might need to groom on the go. They are especially useful for preventing liquids from spilling onto clothing and accessories while in transit.


Laptop Bags

A laptop bag is an excellent way to store a laptop without fear that it’s going to break. It often comes in a messenger bag style that gives a person easy access while on the go.

Inside of these bags, there is often padding that will prevent things from knocking against it and cracking while it’s being transported. There’s usually room inside of one of these bags that will allow for storage of files and other such items to keep them close at hand.



Business Travel Gear and Accessories

Business Travel - Gear

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Electronics Organizers

When there are a variety of electronics to take on a trip, it’s a good idea to have a way to keep them neat and organized. An electronics organizer is an excellent way to do this.

With an electronics and wire organizer, you’re able to keep track of the little things you need to keep with you on a business trip. This includes items like headphones, headphone cases, USB drives, charging cables, SIM cards, SD cards, and more.

Having an electronics organizer at hand and organized saves travelers the hassle of digging through large, unorganized bags to find them.


Eye Masks

When businessmen are traveling, chances are they’re going to need to catch a quick nap on the plane or in the hotel room after the flight. An eye mask allows them to block out the light that surrounds them to allow them a darker, more relaxing environment in which to catch some Z’s.

Not only is it good for a flight, but if you want to take a nap to refresh your mind during the day or want to go to sleep before you roommate in a hotel room, an eye mask can make it easier.



Headphones can be crucial for any traveler. On a plane, it allows you to pass the time by relaxing and listening to music or enjoying a podcast.

Business Travel - Headphones

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They can also be important for those who need to drown out noises. Noise canceling headphones are good for tuning out any loud, crying babies on the plane, or the droning of a chatty seat neighbor.

If you’re sharing a hotel room with a roommate, headphones can also be helpful for you if the other person is snoring too.


Cell Phone Chargers

Being in a new city without a charged cell phone is a recipe for disaster. Cell phones tend to die a lot faster when you are in an unfamiliar place since the need for GPS navigation is higher.

In addition, businessmen might be responding to more emails and phone calls while on a business trip than they usually do. Having plenty of cell phone chargers at hand is important to keep everything charged up and ready to go.

Use them whenever possible, like in between meetings or charging them up when sitting in the terminal waiting for the flight.


Power Charging Docks

If you don’t think you’re going to be able to easily access a power outlet while you are traveling, then a portable charging dock may be helpful for you. These portable power stations can be pre-charged before leaving the house. Once charged, they can be used to charge up important items such as cell phones and tablets on the go without the need for finding a power outlet.

Sometimes, bigger charging docks can let you charge your laptop on them as well, ensuring that there will be power, no matter where you go.


Power Adapters

When traveling to foreign places outside of the home country, don’t assume that everywhere you go is going to have the same power outlets. While some international hotels will offer free adapters for their guests to use, you can’t expect every hotel to do this. It's important to carry power adapters for this reason.

Power adapter kits will usually come with plenty of different styles of plug adapters to convert the power and the prongs to one that will fit specific electronics from other parts of the world.



Business Travel Tips

Keep a Dopp Kit Packed and Ready to Go

Dopp kits are durable men's toiletry bags that men use on their travels to carry their grooming products and accessories.

Business Travel - Dopp Kit 2

Having a Dopp kit packed and ready to go will save the hassle of wondering if all of the necessary grooming items were packed before a trip; peace of mind is given by the knowledge that every item is inside where it should be if it was never unpacked on a prior trip.

In order to do this, just buy two different grooming products instead of one and keep one set in a bag that is never unpacked.


Get Your Itinerary Together

Having a plan for an upcoming business trip can be crucial. Even if your trip has been planned by the company, there are small details that need to be worked out before heading out on that endeavor.

Check out weather reports for the journey and verify travel times. It’s wise to plan out the trip by mapping routes to get from the hotel to the different meeting places ahead of time, so there is no panic trying to get to and from places once at the destination. Uploading a calendar of important events is also a better way to stay prepared while out and about, so you don't forget anything.


Live in One Time Zone

When traveling, it may be tempting to enjoy the nightlife of the place you’re visiting. However, at the end of the day, it is important to remember it is a business trip and not a vacation.

Avoid jet lag by sticking to the same bedtime and rising time that one does at home, adjusted for the time zone they are in. This will help to eliminate jet lag and will keep brains and bodies awake and ready to work at the best of their game. Try to stick to a normal routine as well.

 Business Travel

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Schedule Smartly

Having a schedule laid out for each day is equally as important. With a schedule, you can be sure that you have enough time in between meetings and appointments in order to get where you need to go on time and not to overbook yourself.

It’s important to consider things such as travel times, inclement weather, traffic patterns, and other factors that may impede on punctuality and timelines. It’s also a good idea to plan any dinners a bit later than normal so there is time to navigate the city and not be late.


Fly With WiFi

On a plane, there are typically hours of downtime when there’s not a ton to do. You can be productive during this downtime if you choose ahead of time to fly on a plane that offers WiFi.

Planes with WiFi allow businessmen to take care of important tasks while they are flying. This means catching up on emails, writing the reports they've been putting off, working on their spreadsheets or just doing general work.

Planes are great for this because they serve as an office that no one is able to come into and interrupt, giving plenty of time to think and get some work done to ensure maximum productivity.


Business Travel - Duffel

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No matter what reason a businessman needs to go on a trip, there are suitcases, bags, and accessories there to make the packing and traveling experience more convenient and efficient than ever before.

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