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Business Travel: 10 Lists of Books for Businessmen


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This article can be used as a resource for the guy who has to travel for work and needs a good book to read. This article doesn’t provide a list of books to read; it’s actually a compilation of “best business book” lists that give a bunch of recommendations for you.


Business Travel: 10 Lists of Books for Businessmen

In a hectic world where people spend time trying to balance both their work and home lives, it can be hard to find the time to settle down and read a book - even if the topic is something that's really interesting to you.

However, the traveling businessman will likely be presented with some downtime. This includes times such as sitting in airport terminals or resting in the hotel room after a long day of meetings and conferences.

This time can be used to finally do that reading they've been meaning to do.

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List #1: 34 Business Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down (

This list of business books was compiled by readers of Fortune, who, like businessmen, are real-world people learning how to navigate the world of business. The books on this list range from books that talk about building massive brands from startup businesses, including the story of how Phil Knight turned Nike into the retail giant it is today.

It features biographies on interesting businessmen so that readers can take an inside look at how they got where they are today, and even real-life stories and reports on drama that take place in the world of business.


List #2: 76 Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Professionals to Read in 2018 (

This particular business book list covers a broad range of topics. It targets entrepreneurs, photographers, creatives, designers, writers, professionals, digital nomads, executives, and freelancers.

If you’re hoping to start a business, grow a business, move forward in your career, enjoy a more effective and efficient life, or just brush up on skills, there's likely a book for you on this list.

In addition, there are books that give advice on life overall from a business perspective to help readers balance work and home. It talks about themes such as inspiration for businesses, how entrepreneurs should approach building their businesses, and what separates highly successful people from others.


List #3: The 15 Best Business Books of All Time (

On this list of business books, readers will find a number of books that never seem to leave the bestseller list. There's a reason that these business books are so popular, and that’s simply because they help people succeed.

A lot of the books aim to outline the world of business in different ways. Some do so in a matter-of-fact manner, while other ones take a dramatic, thrilling approach that will keep the reader hooked during the entirety of their business trip.

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List #4: The 25 Most Influential Books Ever Written About Business (

This list of business books has been compiled by the capable minds and contributors at Business Insider who have put together a list of the most influential books they have ever read.

The books on this list follow everyone from Bill Gates to lesser-known entrepreneurs who’ve made a serious impact on the world. It has books that talk about the different issues that businesses often face when they age and how to overcome them, giving readers a look at business from its opening days to its later years.


List #5: 5 Short, Must-Read Business Books (

On this business book list, readers will find classic books that take a look at the truth about being a manager to teach them how to command their own lives and move up in the company.

These books also tend to take a brutally honest look at the modern state of the business world and how businessmen can navigate it with the right knowledge to exceed in that raw world.

Topics such as communication in a digital world are covered, as well as the importance of the written word in modern times where the internet reigns supreme.

Also, there are entertaining parables that make for easier reading for those who want something a little more relaxing on their flights.


List #6: The 50 Best Business Books (

On this list of business books, readers will find business books that cover a broad range of topics and actually pose beneficial information that can be used on a wide scale.

These books cover everything from small start-ups to huge corporations, looking at everything from profit to the psychology behind moving up in the business world through persuasion and influence.

Open Book 

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List #7: 10 Pivotal Books That Changed the Lives of Millionaires (

The books on this list were compiled based on the books recommended by successful people – including millionaires - whose lives were changed by reading them.

A lot of these books cover looking into the self and finding the tools a person needs to succeed. Topics covered include the backgrounds of successful people and how they got to where they are today, as well as how to overcome setbacks in order to get back in the game and keep your business thriving. They also cover themes of enduring business hardships and coming out even greater on the other side.


List #8: 26 Awesome Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read (

If the readers of these books are entrepreneurs hoping to get the inspiration and the kick-start they need to succeed, there is plenty of information to work through here.

These books outline some of the most influential people and how they overcame business problems. A lot of the tales in this list are motivational and may help readers get back on the horse and keep trudging, even when things seem hopeless.

Honest takes on start-up companies are presented, and the books take a look at things all entrepreneurs should know before embarking on their business endeavors. Myths about business are examined, and ways to escape the mundane 9-to-5 life are outlined as well.


List #9: 15 Top Leadership Books Every Current or Future Boss Should Read (

For those moving up in their companies (or those already in leadership roles), there's much to learn about the leaders of yesteryear and the ones that are still leading companies that succeed to this day.

A lot of the leadership books on this list come with information on how to excel as a leader and a boss, and many take new approaches on what it means to lead in order to help readers understand the intricate steps that need to be taken in order to lead not only themselves, but also their employees, into greatness.

Not only do these books talk about the different things a person can do as a leader but what they can do to help their teams succeed as well.

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List #10: 11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read (

Marketing is a unique field all on its own, and it takes a special kind of know-how to succeed in this field. Marketing is a field that seems to constantly change, and keeping up with these changes can be tedious. But marketers know the importance of keeping up with the trends in order to extend their reach and influence the largest audience, and this marketing books list can help.

Some of the content teaches readers how to embrace negative feedback and those who do not like the company. It stresses the importance of reaching out to customers through social media, as it is becoming one of the most popular ways to market products.

Building greater influence with a company is outlined, as well as how content marketing can pave the way for marketers in any industry. Listening to customers and responding to their needs through marketing is also discussed.



No matter what sort of books interest each person the most, there is a huge selection of business books to read on business travel that anyone can enjoy.

Fill the downtime of business trips by keeping the mind sharp and taking in new perspectives that one might never get the time do otherwise by scanning through these lists and getting started on a better tomorrow in all aspects of life.

Emerge from a flight with more information than was known upon stepping onto it and start making true progress.

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