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Business Travel: 10 Lists of Podcasts for Businessman


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This article can be used as a resource for the guy who has to travel for work and is looking for a good podcast (or five) to listen to. This article doesn’t provide a list of podcasts to listen - it’s actually a compilation of “best podcast” lists that give a plethora of recommendations for you.


Business Travel: 10 Lists of Podcasts for Businessman

Yes, there’s a lot of downtime during business travel whether that means sitting in the airport terminal waiting for your flight to arrive or being on the flight itself.

While some people might choose to use this time to relax, work-minded and career-driven businessmen may want to take this time to stay in tune with their industry and/or learn how to better themselves.

When the mood strikes to stay as productive as possible during the trip, check out these podcast lists to find a podcast that might be what you're looking for.


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List #1: Top Ten Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen to (

This podcast list provides marketers with information on all sorts of marketing topics. It features some of the most popular marketing podcasts in the world, including Social Pros and #AskGaryVee.

These podcasts utilize a blend of interviews, panels, and solo shows.


List #2: The 8 Best Podcasts For Business-Savvy Listeners (

Encompassing marketing and entrepreneurship, this list of business podcasts cover a number of business topics that aren't necessarily specific to any one field.

It also features podcasts that touch on news items that impact the world of business so that you can keep up with the things that are happening around you in the world of business.


List #3: 25 Best Business Podcasts That Will Enhance Your Career (

For those looking for inspiration on how to get to the next level in their business or careers, this list of business podcasts is great. It covers everything from excelling in marketing to telling real-life, rags-to-riches stories of people who built their own businesses or resolved challenges on their own to offer some inspiration.

These podcasts tend to center on topics such as leadership, personal achievement, productivity, and general business to give a well-rounded look at the different aspects that are important to businessmen in any field.

These are ideal for those just looking for tips and stories from other people who have been in their shoes - so they can use the wisdom from these podcasts to advance even further in their own lives and careers.


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List #4: 10 Business Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Tuning Into

For those who are hoping to start a business or are in the process of getting their business up and running, these business podcasts are a good fit.

Whether you are looking for a way to create strategies for your business model, hear stories about other entrepreneurs, or just want some business tips to help you get started, check out the podcasts in this list. They cover a variety of different topics regarding startups, including pricing, prospecting, content strategy, metrics, and more.


List #5: 20 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter (

If you’re hoping to keep your brain entertained and ever-learning - without necessarily only listening to things pertaining to business - this list of podcasts is good.

It covers common podcasts such as ones that NPR airs and entertains people with its podcasts surrounding their favorite artists, writers, journalists, and celebrities.

It even offers podcasts that take a deeper look into culture and the internet, teaching people more about people and how they interact in a digital world...which may end up helping you with your business relationships in the end.


List #6: 12 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Leader (

Whether you are currently in a leadership position or are hoping to be in one soon, the leadership podcasts in this list may help you get there.

It’s a list of some of the best podcasts on leadership and building relationships - not only with their customers, but with their other colleagues as well. A lot of them are hosted by authors and fellow leaders who have gotten where they are through trial and error and can help anyone struggling to find out how to do that as well.

Topics that are common in these podcasts include marketing, sales, decision-making, and more. Some podcasts even challenge the listeners at the end of their shows so they can start practicing to become better leaders right away.


List #7: 9 Podcasts That Will Make You 10% Smarter (

Again, if listening to something not business-related but still engaging is what you're looking for during the long flights and train rides, this list of podcasts is an excellent place to get started. There are a lot of popular podcasts that often times get aired on NPR as well as some more obscure ones to keep things fresh.

Many of them are hosted by popular authors who discuss the things they have learned while writing their books, so you can be sure that each one is well thought-out and has sources to trust in. Furthermore, these podcasts all have a slight focus on business.

Listening to Podcast

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List #8: 25 Top Podcasts That Will Spark Your Entrepreneurial Vision (

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s not just all about the facts. It also requires a certain degree of creativity, and the entrepreneurship podcasts in this list aim to show the different ways that a person can get creative while still striving to build their business.

On this list are podcasts that show how to get a business off the ground in new and exciting ways in order to shake up the business models that are often found in the industry.

These podcasts often feature speakers that have experience as entrepreneurs who can give solid advice on how they got started, and they stem from all different fields of the industry to let it hit close to home.

They also can help soothe the worries that a new businessperson might have when it comes to starting a business, giving them tips and tricks on how to succeed. Practical advice, such as managerial tools and marketing information, also comes from these podcasts.


List #9: 6 Career-Boosting Podcasts You’re Going to Love Listening To (

For those looking for broader, less-specific business-related topics in their podcasts, this is a good list of podcasts to start with. These podcasts take place in the form of solo shows, interviews, and panels, so that a person is able to find the style they like best and listen in order to become more engaged.

The podcasts are also full of inspirational ideas that not only help a person figure out their business strategy but give them the confidence they need to fulfill those strategies and to help them keep going.

Even those who often get stressed at work can benefit from this list, as there are podcasts that teach how to manage that stress and perform better on the job. These are good not just for employees but for business owners as well.


List #10: Here Are the Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (

No matter what field you're in, chances are there's a podcast here on this list that will be able to interest your. It has a lot of intersectional topics, such as working in business, having a career, etc. These podcasts cover things such as PR and marketing, and they even touch on entrepreneurship.



With podcasts, business travel can be more enjoyable and educational than ever before. There's always a little time to to listen to them while traveling, whether it's on the way to the event, in the hotel room, or on the way back to have time to reflect on what happened on the trip, and what you will take away from it.

No matter what industry the traveling businessman finds himself in, there's a business-oriented podcast out there for everyone. Find time to give these a listen, whether that means in-flight, at night in the hotel or when the mood strikes to hit the on-site gym. Put them on in the background as often as possible in order to keep an eye on what's most important while on a business trip.

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