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How to Choose: Grooming Products for Men with Dry Skin

 How to Choose: Grooming Products for Men with Dry Skin

This guide is approximately a 4-minute read.

Are you a dry kind of guy? No, this isn't a discussion about a bland personality! It's a guide to caring for skin that has a tendency to become dry.

If you're one of the many men who fall into the dry skin category, you can end up with rough, flaky skin throughout the year or during the winter months - but you can greatly reduce the risk of these problems occurring by being careful about the products that you use to care for your skin.

This guide on how to choose grooming products for men with dry skin will teach you what you need to know to select the right products for your dry complexion's unique needs.

You’ll learn:

  • What dry skin is
  • How to identify if you really have “dry” skin
  • How to choose face & skincare products if you have dry skin
  • How to choose shaving products if you have dry skin
  • Other tips for guys with dry skin

Let’s dive in.


How to Choose: Grooming Products for Men with Dry Skin

What Is Dry Skin?

Of course, you know what the word “dry” means, but you may not fully understand just what it means when it comes to skincare.

Your skin needs to stay lubricated to be soft, smooth, and healthy, and your body produces its own lubricating oil called “sebum” to meet the tissue's moisture needs. The oil is manufactured by tiny sebaceous glands that are found beneath your pores.

In a perfect scenario, the glands produce all of the oil needed to moisturize the skin tissue - but if you have dry skin, your glands don't make enough to replace the moisture lost due to evaporation. This leads to your skin drying out.

Men with oily skin have the complete opposite problem; their skin makes too much oil, leading to congested pores and a greasy shine (if this describes you, you’ll want to check out our guide on how to choose grooming products for men with oily skin).

Guys who have combination skin may develop this problem only on their cheeks and have oily skin elsewhere.


Do You Have Dry Skin?

You likely have dry skin if:

  • Your skin tends to get flaky
  • You have a rough skin texture
  • Your face feels tight all over after you wash it
  • Your pores are not easy to see
  • You develop acne blemishes infrequently
  • You rarely or never experience sensitivity reactions

(If your skin does react to skincare products, check out this guide for men with sensitive skin for advice on how to select grooming products.

For dry skin symptoms confined only to your cheeks, consult this guide on how to choose grooming products if you have combination skin.)


How to Choose Face & Skincare Products for Men with Dry Skin

To keep your dry complexion healthy and hydrated, you should use a daily regimen with the following products:


Moisturizing Face Wash

It's important that the face wash you choose won't strip away too much oil and worsen dryness.

Choose non-foaming cleansers that are creamy rather than clear, as these products are usually enriched with oils and butters that help to replenish lost moisture while they hydrate.

Olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter are all beneficial ingredients to look for when selecting a face wash for dry skin.

An example of a men’s face wash that you may want to check out is the Purifying Charcoal Face Wash from Brickell:

 Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash


Hydrating Toner

A toner with a splash of moisture from ingredients like floral waters can give your skin an added dose of moisture to help address dryness.

Toners also help to restore an optimal moisture balance to support adequate sebum production.

Never use a toner with alcohol on a dry complexion, as the ingredient greatly dehydrates skin.

An example of an alcohol-free toner is the Willow Toner with Black Willow Bark from Portland General Store:

 Willow Toner with Black Willow Bark



Because your skin is extra thirsty, you need a rich moisturizing cream to meet its needs.

Look for products that include emollients like plant oils and butters and humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to instantly hydrate your skin and continue to moisturize it throughout the day.

If your skin gets very dry during the winter, try using a product with occlusives like silicone or lanolin to lock in moisture.

An example of a men’s face moisturizer for you to check out is the Gameface Moisturizer from Triumph & Disaster:

Gameface Moisturizer 


In addition to the above products, you can also thinking about incorporating the following products into your grooming routine:


Exfoliating Scrub

When your dry skin feels rough, try using an exfoliating scrub once per week to remove cellular debris and soothe your complexion.

Choose a scrub with moisturizing exfoliating beads made from jojoba oil or a similar natural oil to avoid over drying or abrading your skin. 

A men’s face scrub for you to take a look at is the Renewing Face Scrub from Brickell:

 Dapper & Done | Renewing Face Scrub from Brickell


Hydrating Serum

During the winter months when dryness can be more severe, you can use a hydrating serum after toning and before your moisturizer. The added hydration can decrease the risk of flaking, redness and itching.


Night Cream or Anti-Aging Cream

Dry skin tends to age more rapidly than other skin types. To help promote a more youthful complexion, try applying an anti-aging night cream before you go to bed at night.

These products will moisturize your skin and repair damaged cells while you sleep.


How to Choose Shaving Products for Men with Dry Skin

For shaving dry skin, you should take a look at the following products:


Pre-Shave Oil

Ready your skin for the razor by applying a pre-shave oil at the start of your shaving routine. Not only will this product soften your beard and reduce your risk of razor burn, but it will also treat your skin to a drink of hydration.

An example of a shaving oil is the All-Natural Whisker Oil from Olie Bioligque:

 All Natural Whisker Oil


Shaving Cream

A shaving cream that contains glycerin will hydrate your skin while you shave and protect your face from the razor. If you tend to develop redness post shave, look for a product with aloe vera, which helps to ease inflammation.

An example of a men’s shaving cream with aloe vera is the Smooth Brushless Shave Cream from Brickell:

 Brickell Smooth Brushless Shave Cream


Aftershave Balm

To moisturize your skin after a shave, apply an aftershave balm enriched with hydrating ingredients.

Alcohol-free formulas will be the best choice for your dry skin.


Tips for Caring for Dry Skin

Keep these tips in mind when caring for your dry skin to help keep it in good condition:

  • If you have a dry complexion, you're also likely to have dry body skin. Moisturizing body washes will be a better choice for you than bar soaps, and you should make sure to use a body lotion after every shower.
  • In the winter time, wear an undershirt under wool sweaters, as the natural fabric can worsen dryness and irritate skin.
  • Make sure that you drink enough water on a daily basis. If you don't drink eight glasses of water every day, your dry skin will be more prone to dehydration.


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