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  • Doorstep Dapperness: Sockwork | An Interview with Founders Mario & Tina Barrett
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Doorstep Dapperness: Sockwork | An Interview with Founders Mario & Tina Barrett

Sockwork is a sock subscription with a passion to support Veterans; they donate 10% of their profits to a different veteran charity each month.

In this interview, founders Mario & Tina Barrett tell Sockwork's back story, how they help out Veteran organizations through their business, a sock tip, and more.


What's the story behind Sockwork, and what motivated you to start the business?

Mario & Tina: One of the reasons we started Sockwork was because we saw the difficulty non-profits had in raising funds. Often when we would try to help, we ended up donating our own money.

Combining our desire to do more and our entrepreneurial spirit, we saw a way we could create a for-profit business that would allow us to give back to the non-profits in our Veteran community.

Tell us about the the value that Sockwork brings to the table. What are the main benefits of being one of your customers?

Mario & Tina: Our customers love that they can customize their monthly box based on their own style preference. We offer a variety of styles from fun, colorful socks to a more professional look.

With every purchase, 10% of profits are donated to a different non-profit Veteran organization every month.

You look stylish while helping a great cause at the same time!

What are the major pain points that you're aiming to solve with your business?

Mario & Tina: No one likes wearing mismatched socks or socks with holes in them. Unfortunately, going to the store to pick up a new pair doesn't always make it on the to-do list.

Sockwork puts your sock drawer on autopilot with two socks arriving monthly at your doorstep.

What makes Sockwork different than the other sock subscription companies that are out there?

Mario & Tina: Aside from allowing our customers to customize their boxes, since the very beginning, Sockwork has given a purpose to our socks.

Through our donations, we have been able to help several small Veteran non-profits makes a bigger impact in their communities.

We have also just introduced our own "made in the USA" sock line under the brand Purpose Outfitters. Each sock design is named after a fallen soldier and a portion of profits are donated on behalf of the soldier's family to a project within their community.

How do you go about selecting the charities that you work with?

Mario & Tina: With Sockwork still being a new and small company, it is important to us that our donations - which are around $300 a month - are truly impacting the charities that we support.

We have found that our donations can make a greater impact on smaller charities such as Things We Read and Suits for Soldiers.

With Mario being a Veteran himself, giving back to other Veterans who are in need has become our focus, and all the charities we support share this goal.

What do you think is the single biggest misconception that guys have when it comes to socks?

Mario & Tina: Your dad's old blacks socks are still in.

Say goodbye to the boring and faded pair of black socks you've had for way too long, and spice it up with some polka dots or bright colors!

If you could give our readers just one sock-related tip, what would it be?

Mario & Tina: Your socks are your best accessory! Let your personality show through with your sock selection.

If anything, it is a great conversation starter in the office and at happy hour.

How can our readers learn more about what you're up to and connect with you online?

Mario & Tina: You can connect with us on Twitter @Sockwork1 and @HeroPurpose, on Instagram @SockworkSocks, and Facebook by liking Sockwork and Purpose Outfitters.

We offer more detailed information on our website,, and you can learn about our new sock line by visiting


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Thanks to Mario and Tina for the interview! To find out more about their sock subscriptions and/or their involvement with veteran charities, please check out their site and/or social media platforms.

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