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Dapperness Expert: Tanner Guzy of Masculine Style

Tanner Guzy is the man behind Masculine Style - and as he concisely explains on his About page, he wants guys to dress better.

In this interview, Tanner tells the story behind Masculine Style and also provides some excellent - and practical - advice on fashion, style, and grooming.


Let's start by having you tell us a little about yourself. What's your background, and what motivated you to launch Masculine Style?

Tanner: I'm based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and have been writing Masculine Style for almost four years. I started it in an attempt to keep my voice sharp while looking for a radio job after finishing college.

Unlike other blogs I'd written in the past, Masculine Style really started to pick up some steam, and it's been going strong ever since.

What is Masculine Style all about? And what makes it different than the other men's style blogs out there?

Tanner: The world of men's style blogs is pretty saturated, and there are a lot of great authors in our corner of the Internet, a lot of whom I'm lucky to now call friends.

The big thing that separates Masculine Style from other sites is my approach of understanding the historical and philosophical reasons why clothing matters to men.

I hit on how-to articles every once in a while, but my primary purpose for writing is helping men understand why any of this stuff even matters. 

What's the most surprising thing about running a fashion & style blog?

Tanner: The most surprising thing for me was realizing that I'm largely preaching to the choir.

I erroneously assumed that most men are content to not care about their appearance. However, the majority of us understand that it means something and is indicative of other virtues and vices we may have.

The fact that I can help guys deepen that understanding as opposed to arguing with them about style mattering at all has been the most pleasant surprise.

What's the biggest mistake that guys make when it comes to dressing?

Tanner: Aesthetic inertia.

Most men develop a sense of style that's consistent with who they are at some point in their lives between high-school and their early 30's. However, long after they move out of whatever stage in life that is, they continue to dress like it's still part of who they are.

I was guilty of this myself. I wore skate shoes and band T-shirts long after I stopped spending much time at the skate park or going to shows.

But, wearing that clothing was part of who I was at the time I had the strongest sense of identity. It's why so many men still dress like children.

If you could give just one style or fashion tip, what would it be?

Tanner: Dress intentionally.

A man has to wear clothes every day. It's a required aspect of being part of society. People judge a man - fairly or unfairly - on his appearance.

Rather than waste that opportunity, men should dress in a way that capitalizes on those fixed aspects of life.

And what would your one grooming tip be?

Tanner: Develop a routine and stick with it.

Unless a man has drastically changed his hair style or facial hair, he should be able to groom on autopilot.

Invest a little time in getting the routine optimized and learned, and then let habit take over from there.

Do you have a simple and quick grooming routine that you follow that you can share with our readers?

Tanner: I've found that my routines vary depending on facial hair, hair length, and even the climate of where I'm living. However, one thing I've found to be useful is to keep my mind busy while I'm going through my grooming routine each morning.

A lot of men don't want to take the time to do the daily ritual because it takes up time. However, by using the time to go through mental exercises, make mental prep for the upcoming day, or even to listen to audio books or podcasts, it makes it feel like the time is doubly productive.

I take twice as long with my grooming routine as I did two years ago, but I don't feel like it's wasted time at all.

How can our readers learn more about what you're up to and connect with you online?

Tanner: The primary site is I'm also available most actively on Twitter (@MasculineStyle), Instagram (@TannerGuzy), and YouTube.


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