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Dapperness Experts: Curtis & Graeme Drummond of We, The Timeless

We the Timeless 

Curtis and Graeme Drummond are the guys behind men's fashion blog We, The Timeless.

In this interview, Curtis and Graeme share their story, what makes their blog different than other men's blogs, and even their own grooming routines.


What is your back story, and what motivated you to help build We, the Timeless?

Curtis & Graeme: It's a combination of two things: firstly, always taking pride in the way we look and carry ourselves and wanting to share that knowledge, and second, having friends ask us for tips and opinions on what to wear or how to wear things.

We decided to create an official platform to help guys find inner confidence, and as a by-product, become more self-fulfilling and successful.

We were also very excited about tackling the project together as we tend to push and inspire each other and that's what gives our brand constant forward momentum.

Tell us a little more about We, the Timeless. What makes it different than the other men's lifestyle blogs that are out there?

Curtis & Graeme: The word 'we' is a collective term, and what that really means to us is that every reader and content consumer that is exploring our media should feel very welcome and relatable. 

We are very authentic in the way we curate content and we take a lot of pride in our work, making sure it is of the highest quality and offers the most to the reader. 

As a collective, We, the Timeless embraces authenticity and transparent culture - we are not faking anything, no one is being tricked, and we are not promoting things that we don't believe in - and although we are experts and leaders, we do not put ourselves above our readers. 

I think our welcoming spirit and creative consulting and collaborating sets us apart from a lot of the mens’ blogosphere.

How did you guys first go about getting traction for the blog?

Curtis & Graeme: The first step was reaching out to immediate family and friends to create a support system. 

The next step was to become known within our own cities and environments to establish a local presence; always start local. 

We also quickly realized that a blog platform is just a central hub, and social media platforms are the real place to catch traction.  Spending more time in media and updating our blogs only with our larger collaborations and content pieces allows us to be more creative and quick to respond in a fast paced market. 

What's the coolest part about being men's style bloggers?

Curtis & Graeme: The coolest?  By far it's the fact that we are creating and interacting with our very own community. 

It has been so amazing solidifying relationships and sharing in brand opportunities in an industry we are so passionate about with people that we can grow with. 

We are so appreciative of all the support we have received so far.

What are some of the most common questions you get from guys about men's grooming? What are the biggest pain points?

Curtis & Graeme: We mainly just get questions about the overwhelming amount of products. Have we tried this? Does that work well? Those type of questions.

If a guy is going to reach out and ask us a question, he usually has the basics covered but needs some guidance concerning something he has read or a product he has heard of. 

What do you think is the single biggest mistake that guys make when it comes to grooming?

Curtis & Graeme: Lack of effort. 

Putting no effort into grooming is the worst thing you can do. Not taking care of your skin can have some serious repercussions.

Skin is an organ and needs to be cared for - sure, we all use body wash in the shower, but your face needs special care as well, especially as you age.

If you could give just one grooming tip to men, what would it be?

Curtis & Graeme: Moisturize!

Especially for guys who live in our winter-y climate where the cold can wreak havoc on your skin. Not only does it create a barrier of sorts for your skin but it'll also keep you looking young. 

Your face, body and hands all need specific lotion so don't use the same product for all three! Your face can't handle the amount of grease in body and hand lotions.

What does your daily grooming routine look like?

Graeme: It's not too crazy - I wash my face with a cleanser first thing in the morning, and every few days, I'll use an exfoliating scrub to unclog the pores. I always moisturize after washing.

If it was a late night, I will use an under eye de-puffer to trick people into thinking I got 8 hours. Brush the teeth, pomade the hair and moisturize the hands and I'm ready to tackle the day.

At night it's just a quick face wash and moisturize, rinse hair and brush the pearly whites. 

Curtis:  My routine looks very similar to Graeme's except I work some facial hair care in. 

Mornings consist of a brush and floss of the teeth, a face wash with the occasional exfoliation or mask, and a moisturizer, followed by a beard softener. 

Some mornings I will use a skin energizer if I'm looking particularly fatigued.  I use a heavyweight oil-based pomade as my hair isn't the most responsive at the best of times, and I wash it out thoroughly every few days. 

Throughout the day I keep on moisturizing my hands and face as needed, and the evening routine is quite simple: face wash, brush teeth, rinse hair.

How can our readers connect with you and find out what you're up to?

Curtis & Graeme: In our pursuit to always be relatable you can find us anywhere on the various media platforms, and of course, our blog page

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, all @wethetimeless

You can always shoot us an email just to say hello, we love to hear from everyone!

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