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A Guide: Shaving Products for Men

Dapper & Done | Shaving Products for Men

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In this guide, you’ll learn about the following types of shaving products:

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A Guide: Shaving Products for Men

Men have been shaving for centuries, and the art of the perfect shave has evolved over time. Guys today want the closest possible shave and aren't willing to walk around with razor bumps and red faces to show for their efforts.

That's why the manufacturers of men's shaving products now offer a wide range of solutions to help guys promote smoother skin with less irritation.

This guide to men's shaving products will introduce you to the most popular options and provide you with advice regarding how to choose shaving products for men to get the best results from your razor.


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Pre-Shave Products

Who They’re Best For: All men - though the best type for guys varies based on skin type

Before you go for a run or hit the gym, you're supposed to stretch out to get your body ready for your workout. You should approach shaving in the same way by readying your skin with pre-shave products.

Pre-shave products help to soften stubble, so that razor blades can slice through it with greater ease.

Using pre-shave products can also cut down on the risk of shaving irritation, as the formulas also provide an added protective barrier to reduce the friction caused by razors.

Pre-shave oils have the most dramatic softening effect and leave the skin more slippery for the biggest reductions in razor drag.

For guys with oily or acne prone skin, lighter shaving lotions or non-comedogenic shaving oils that won't clog the pores are often a better option.

Keep in mind that shaving oil is very potent; you typically only need a few drops to get noticeable benefits.

An example of shaving oil is the All Natural Whisker Oil from Olie Bioligique:

 Dapper & Done | Olie Biologique All Natural Whisker Oil


Shaving Creams

Who They’re Best For: Men with dry skin and guys who want a convenient, rich lather

Shaving creams are shaving lubricants - products that you apply to your face after a pre-shave treatment prior to using your razor.

All shaving lubricants are intended to protect your skin and allow the razor to glide smoothly over your face to cut down on the risk of razor burn.

Creams are sold in tubes and jars and come out of the packaging as a thick lotion. Very quick and easy to dispense, the creams can create a rich, foamy lather as you massage them against your skin.

Most creams are enriched with moisturizing ingredients that hydrate the complexion. As a result, they tend to soften and smooth skin effectively.

The moisturizing properties of shaving creams make them a great choice for men with drier complexions, as the products can replenish hydration that razors can strip away.

An example of a shaving cream is the Smooth Brushless Shave Cream from Brickell:

 Dapper & Done | Smooth Brushless Shave Cream from Brickell

Other shaving creams include:

(If you'd like to learn more about shaving creams, check out this guide on how to choose shaving creams for men.)


Shaving Gels

Who They’re Best For: Men with sensitive skin and guys who want a convenient way to lather

Shaving gels are another shaving lubricant option that helps to reduce friction to protect your complexion from the harsh effects of razor blades.

Like a shaving cream, a gel is sold in a tube or a jar, but the gel has a different consistency than a cream.

Gels do not turn into foam when you rub them against your skin. Instead, they form a thick slippery layer along your beard. As a result, gels tend to minimize friction more than other shaving lubricants.

This makes them an excellent choice for guys who have sensitive complexions that become easily irritated due to shaving. (Note: if you have sensitive skin or aren't sure if you do, please don't test out any grooming products before consulting with your dermatologist or doctor first.)

Men with oily or combination skin who want a quick and easy shave may also prefer shaving gels. This is because they are simple to use but do not contain the moisturizers found in shaving creams, which could leave oilier complexions congested or greasy.

An example of a shaving gel is Another Close Shave Gel from Fieldworks Supply:

 Dapper & Done | Another Close Shave Gel from Fieldworks Supply

(For more on shaving gels, take a look at this guide on how to choose shaving gels for men.)


Shaving Soaps

Who They’re Best For: Men with oily or acne prone skin, guys who want an exceptionally close shave

Shaving soaps are considered by many men's skin care experts to be the best type of shaving lubricant for getting close-to-the-skin, perfectly-smooth results from a razor.

Soaps are different than shaving creams and gels in that they do not come in a tube or jar. Instead, a shaving soap looks like an ordinary bar of soap; however, when it is moistened with water and mixed with a shaving brush, it produces a rich lather.

There is more work involved with using shaving soap, so it's not as ideal for guys who are rushed for time.

It can also take a little practice to use shaving soap correctly, meaning you may not get picture perfect results the first time that you use it.

For men with oily and acne prone skin, shaving soaps are especially beneficial, as the products do not clog the pores.

Keep in mind that shaving soaps can dry out the skin. If your complexion is dry and you prefer to use a bar, look for one that's labeled as "moisturizing" for best results.

An example of a shaving soap is the Whiskey Shaving Puck from Portland General Store:

 Dapper & Done | Whiskey Shave Puck from Portland General Store

(For more information on shaving soaps, check out this guide on how to chose shaving soaps.)


Aftershave Products

Who They’re Best For: All men - though the best type for guys varies based on skin type

Even if you use the best shaving lubricant, your skin still gets stressed when you shave. You can think of aftershave as being like a salve for sore muscles that you've put through an intense workout.

When applied immediately after shaving, aftershave products soothe inflammation, calming the redness and swelling of razor burn.

Aftershave products can also purify the pores to decrease the chances of razor bumps and ingrown hairs occurring.

All men should use an aftershave as a part of their shaving routine, but the type that's right for you will depend on your skin type.

For example, aftershave balms are also a great choice for guys with sensitive skin, particularly when you look for one that's hypoallergenic or labeled as "dermatologist tested."

If you have dry skin, look for an alcohol-free aftershave balm with moisturizing ingredients to calm and soothe your skin.

To soothe oily and acne-prone skin without clogging your pores or ending up with a greasy complexion, try an aftershave gel.

Aftershave lotions that contain alcohol can be used to disinfect the skin, but these products are often too harsh due to their drying effects.

(If you want to learn more about aftershaves, read this guide on how to choose a men's aftershave.)

An example of an aftershave is the Anchor After Shave from Brooklyn Grooming:

Dapper & Done | Anchor After Shave from Brooklyn Grooming 

Other aftershaves include:


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