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A Guide: Beard Grooming Products

Dapper & Done | Beard Grooming Products

This guide is approximately a 6-minute read.

In this guide, you’ll learn about different types of beard grooming products so that you’ll be able to figure which one(s) are right for you and your beard.

The beard grooming products this guide will go over are:

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A Guide: Beard Grooming Products

You've patiently waited and waited for your hair-growing powers to produce that thick, lush beard of your dreams.

But is it picture perfect and everything you hoped it would be? If you're not caring for your beard on a daily basis, the answer is probably a big fat "NO!"

Just like the hair on your scalp, facial hair requires regular care to remain fresh, silky, manageable, and healthy – and there are many products available to help you pamper that beard you worked so hard to grow.

This guide to beard grooming products will introduce you to different types of beard grooming products, so that you can select the right ones for your needs.


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Beard Wash

Who It's For: All guys - especially those who want an easy way to keep their beard smelling great and looking clean

Nobody wants to have a stinky beard.

Sweat, food, and environmental impurities can all leave your beard smelling less-than-fresh and looking greasy, but beard wash can help to thoroughly cleanse it.

A beard wash is a liquid, cream or gel cleanser that is made especially for washing facial hair. As a result, it doesn't over-dry growth the way that a face wash can, and it's more effective at purifying the hair than a shampoo made for scalp hair.

Typically used on a daily basis, beard wash is quick and easy to lather up for deep cleansing.

An example of a beard wash is the Tree Ranger Beard Wash from Beardbrand:

Dapper & Done | Tree Ranger Beard Wash from Beardbrand


Beard Softener/Conditioner

Who It's For: All guys

After you wash your hair, you apply a conditioner to make the strands softer and shinier. Beard softener (or beard conditioner) does the exact same thing, but for your facial hair.

Cleansing your beard can strip away some of the moisture and nutrients that hair needs to remain soft and manageable, but beard softener products help to replace them to keep your beard feeling great.

With regular use, beard softener can help to keep facial hair growth from becoming brittle and breaking, and it's specially formulated to meet the hydration needs of your beard.

Typically, beard softener should be applied immediately after you've washed your beard.

An example of a beard softener is Tree Ranger Beard Softener from Beardbrand:

 Dapper & Done | Tree Ranger Beard Softener


Beard Balm

Who It's For: Men who want to promote manageability, soften their beards, and care for their skin with a single product

Beard balm is typically a blend of waxes like beeswax, oils like jojoba oil, and butters like shea butter. Balms are used on cleansed and conditioned beards after they have dried, performing a number of tasks at once.

The moisturizing oils and butters in the beard balm soften and condition beards to make them silkier and shinier. These ingredients also hydrate the skin, reducing the annoying itchy feeling that you sometimes get around and under your beard.

While the moisturizing ingredients hydrate your facial hair and skin, the wax coats the growth, allowing it to be shaped and styled for a neater, tidier appearance.

(To learn more about beard balms, take a look at this guide on how to choose a beard balm.)

Beard balms can basically be thought of as a cross between a beard wax and a beard oil, as they do some of what each of these types of beard grooming products does.

An example of a beard balm is the Commando Beard Balm from Brooklyn Grooming:

 Dapper & Done | Commando Beard Balm Brooklyn Grooming


Beard Wax/Paste

Who It's For: Men who want to keep an unruly beard under control; guys who like a neater, sculpted look from their beards

Beard wax and beard paste are like styling products for your hair, except they are made for your beard.

Waxes are drier and lighter than pastes. They're used to separate facial hair to make it appear fuller, add texture to a beard, and hold it in place after it has been combed and styled.

Pastes are thicker and heavier, so they're great for creating more sculpted looks or for guys who have very thick, unruly beards that tend to go wild during the day.

While you can get some of the styling benefits of a beard wax from a beard balm, traditional waxes give beards a bigger manageability boost.


Beard Oil

Who It's For: Guys with dry, coarse beards or dry skin; men who like a shinier, sleeker look from their beards

Beard oil is a mix of oils like jojoba oil and olive oil that is used to promote a healthy, silky beard.

The oils have a softening effect on facial hair, making the growth more flexible and much silkier after application. At the same time, the oils also deeply hydrate the skin, so they can reduce itchiness.

(To learn more about beard oils, check out this guide on how to choose a beard oil.)

Beard oils are typically better choices for guys with dry skin, dry beards, or very coarse, stiff growth than balms because they are more intensive moisturizers.

Oils typically leave behind a lustrous finish that many guys find appealing, so even men who do not have dry skin or hair or coarse growth may choose to use them on a regular basis.

An example of a beard oil is the Tea Tree Beard Oil from Beardbrand:

Dapper & Done | Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil


Beard Soap

Who It's For: Guys who prefer to cleanse with a bar soap rather than a liquid or gel

As we've already discussed, cleansing your beard daily is important for keeping it smelling good and looking and feeling clean.

One way that you can cleanse your beard is with a beard wash, but there is a second option available: beard soap.

A beard soap is a bar soap that is specially formulated for shampoo-ing facial hair. It must be lathered up in your hands prior to using it, but it can be more convenient to take with you when you're traveling, as it won't spill or leak in your travel bag.

Another benefit of beard soap is that it is usually more economical. You're less likely to use too much of a bar than you are a liquid or gel.

An example of a beard soap is the Beard Soap from Brooklyn Grooming:

 Dapper & Done | Beard Soap Brooklyn Grooming


Step Up Your Grooming Game

Now that you've read this beard grooming products guide, you're ready to put together your daily grooming regimen and finally get that perfect looking beard you've been longing for.

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