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Brand Spotlight: Pete's Naturals | An Interview with CEO Alex Sarkissian

 Pete's Naturals Logo

Pete's Naturals is a toxic-free men's grooming line. They work to reduce the amount of chemicals guys put on their bodies by crafting all-natural products.

In this interview, CEO Alex Sarkissian explains the main benefits of using their products, shares what he thinks is the biggest grooming mistake guys make, and more.


What's the story behind Pete's Naturals, and what motivated you to launch the brand?

We as a society have embraced the lifestyle where we take a deeper look at the foods we put in our body.

When it comes to our personal care needs, I saw people were not as enthusiastic about natural body care products because many natural products simply are not as effective.

Pete’s Naturals seeks to change that.

Pete's Naturals Soaps 

What are the main benefits of using your products?

Cleanse + Care for your body without putting preservatives or questionable chemicals on your skin.


What makes Pete's Naturals different than all the other men's grooming brands out there?

We are a toxic-free men’s grooming line.

We work to reduce the amount of chemicals you put on your body by crafting all-natural products that are effective + safe for your body & the environment.

We believe what goes on your body, gets in your body, so we sustainably source the highest quality ingredients.

We hand make our products, if possible, because we understand that people are better than machines.

We then package our products with recycled paper to minimize our carbon footprint.

We are committed to caring for our earth and our community.

 Pete's Naturals Deodorants

What's the biggest mistake that guys make when it comes to grooming?

Many guys go for the less expensive, industrial strength, drugstore brand grooming products without taking a deeper look at what ingredients are in the bottle.

We understand that men have very demanding needs, particularly when it comes to deodorant, which is why we are focused on making sure our products are effective.

Unfortunately, many men make the mistake of frequently overlooking natural products because of the stigma that of “it’s natural it must not work.”

Pete’s Naturals works everyday to change that perception.


If you could give just one grooming tip, what would it be?

The best-kept secret in grooming is hydrating your skin. Body Cream is underrated!

 Dapper & Done | Pete's Handmade Body Cream - Peppermint

How can people connect with you and Pete's Naturals online?

We at Pete’s Naturals are always open to hearing from our fans. If you have new product suggestions, feedback or thoughts on how to improve the line shoot me an email at

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