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How to Choose: Hair Products for Men with Thin or Fine Hair

How to Choose: Hair Products for Men with Fine or Thin Hair

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Whether you were born with fine hair or your hair has gradually gotten thinner with age, having thin hair can pose some challenges.

Thin hair has a tendency to lie flat and has very little body to give it a full appearance. When hair loss is responsible for thinning, sections of visible scalp can make you self-conscious.

Still, thin hair isn't without its benefits. With the right daily hair care products and styling aids, thin hair can be very easy to style and hold in place throughout the day.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify if you thin (or fine) hair
  • How to choose shampoo if you have thin hair
  • How to choose conditioner if you have thin hair
  • How to choose hair styling products if you have thin hair

Let’s dive in.


How to Choose: Hair Products for Men with Thin or Fine Hair

Identifying Thin or Fine Hair

Fine and thin hair are very similar, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

With fine hair, strands are usually very small in size but they may be plentiful, while thin hair usually means having fewer hairs on your head.

If you have fine and/or thin hair, your locks will have a tendency to rest flat against your head with no lift at the roots.

 How to Choose: Hair Products for Men with Fine or Thin Hair

How to Choose Shampoo for Men with Thin Hair

With thin hair, it's important to take a gentle approach to cleansing.

Shampoos with harsh ingredients can damage strands and make your locks more likely to break.

Look for shampoos that are sulfate free to protect your hair from cleansing agents that might be too strong.

Using volumizing shampoos can help you wash in body to make your hair look fuller, while thickening shampoos can actually widen your hair strands to give you the illusion of thicker hair.

An example of a shampoo that creates thicker, stronger hair is the Daily Strengthening Shampoo from Brickell:

 Dapper & Done | Brickell Daily Strengthening Shampoo

It's usually best to shampoo fine and thin hair 3 to 4 times per week to avoid over drying it.


How to Choose Conditioner for Men with Thin Hair

When you're choosing a conditioner for thin hair, you'll want to again steer clear of products with sulfates.

Pick a volumizing or thickening daily conditioner formula to complement the shampoo that you choose. Many brands will offer both a shampoo and a rinse-out conditioner for fine and thin hair that you can purchase and use together.

An example of a conditioner that promotes hair growth and increases hair strand thickness is the Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner from Brickell:

 Dapper & Done | Brickell Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Because heavy conditioners can weigh down fine and thin hair, you typically shouldn't use a leave-in conditioner on the hair type; however, if your hair is dry or damaged, you can use a lightweight leave-in spray on days that you don't wash your hair to help hydrate your locks.


How to Choose Hair Styling Products for Men with Thin Hair

As with conditioners, styling products can easily weigh down thin hair and leave it looking limp. This means that you should select styling products that contain very little oil.

Pastes and pomades will generally work the best for guys with fine and thin hair types.

A pomade that you may want to check out is the Old School Pomade from Brooklyn Grooming:

 Brooklyn Grooming Old School Pomade

Choose water-based formulas that will rinse out easily when you shampoo, so you don't end up with build-up that will rob you of volume.

Light hold products will typically do a good job of keeping thin hair in place, but if you prefer a very sculpted style, you may need a medium hold formula.

(If you need help choose a hair styling products, use our Product Recommendation Tool for men's hair styling products to find one that's a good fit for you.


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