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How to Choose: Hair Products for Men with Wavy Hair

How to Choose: Hair Products for Men with Wavy Hair

This guide is approximately a 3-minute read.

Wavy hair is the envy of many guys as it looks thick and can be worn in a wide variety of styles.

If you were born with wavy hair, you may not always feel so lucky though, as problems with frizz and fly-aways can make it hard to keep those waves under control.

Check out this guide to learn more about keeping wavy hair healthy and looking great.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between “wavy” hair, “coiled” hair, and “kinky” hair
  • How to choose a shampoo if you have wavy hair
  • How to choose a conditioner if you have wavy hair
  • How to choose hair styling product if you have wavy hair

Let’s get into it.


How to Choose Hair Products for Men with Wavy Hair

Curly Hair Types: Wavy Vs. Coiled. Vs. Kinky

Before you begin considering which hair products are right for you, you need to make sure that your hair is actually what's considered to be “wavy.”

Men’s hair expert Rogelio Samson created the popular ISEZ hair type guide and method which describes the different types of hair – including the different curly hair types.

Using Regelio’s method, here's a look at the three curly-hair types so you can figure out which type you have:

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has the loosest curl patterns. If you have wavy your hair, your strands grow in an S shape.

Wavy Hair

Coiled Hair

Coiled hair has a tighter curl than wavy hair and a looser curl than kinky hair. If you have coiled hair, your strands will resemble a cursive letter "E" with loop-like curls.

Coiled Hair

Kinky Hair

Kinky hair has the tightest curl pattern. If you have kinky hair, it will be hard for you to see the individual strands of your hair until you get close to the mirror and separate your hair with your fingers. From a distance, kinky hair looks like a full mass of very tight curls.

 Kinky Hair


How to Choose Shampoo for Men with Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, you should choose from one of two types of shampoos, depending on the condition of your tresses.

Waves that are prone to frizz and fly-aways can benefit from a moisturizing shampoo, which adds hydration to hair to make it less likely to become frizzy.

Guys who are fortunate enough to not have to deal with frizz on a daily basis can choose a normal daily shampoo for cleansing.

An example of a daily shampoo is the Sport Daily Shampoo from Kale Naturals:

 Dapper & Done | Kale Naturals Sport Daily Shampoo

One more thing: should your waves become weighed down by styling product residue, cleanse once per week with a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up.


How to Choose Conditioner for Men with Wavy Hair

Conditioning is important for men with wavy hair, as the S-type curls can become very unruly if they grow dry and brittle.

All men with wavy hair should use a lightweight leave-in conditioner spray or lotion on a daily basis to keep their waves moisturized.

If your hair is 2 inches in length or longer, you should also be using a daily rinse-out conditioner after you shampoo.


How to Choose Styling Products for Men with Wavy Hair

When frizz arises due to humidity or chronic dryness, you can tame your wavy locks with a little styling cream, which enhances control without providing a high degree of hold to leave your hair stiff.

If you like your waves to have a sleek look, you can use a pomade, which is made from a blend of wax and oil.

An example of a pomade is the Old School Pomade from Brooklyn Grooming:

 Old School Pomade from Brooklyn Grooming

To add definition to your waves without all the shine, try a hair wax, a sticky styling aid used for texturizing that leaves behind a matte finish.


Step Up Your Grooming Game

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