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Welcome to Dapper & Done

Welcome to Dapper & Done, and thank you for coming by.

We’re a new business, and we know that it takes time to create trust with people - especially online.  So we appreciate you stopping by and spending some time with us.

And now that you’re here, I’d like to tell you some more about what Dapper & Done is about.

Of course, we want to make your lives easier and better by offering you more quality and more convenience to your shopping experience for men's grooming products.

But our company is driven by a deeper mission, which is to facilitate greatness in driven, purposeful men who are striving to make a difference, chase their dream - or even change the world.

Our ideal customers are “dapper doers” - purposeful individuals who are driven to make an impact, do something great with their lives, or become better men.  And they also want to feel and look good... in a simple and efficient way.  We plan on featuring dapper doers on our blog from time to time.

Dapper doers live an aspirational lifestyle.  They highly value their time and want to spend their time doing the things that matter most to them.  We want to help them feel and look good with high-quality grooming products and also save them time by delivering their products to them in a convenient and efficient way - so they can go out there and crush it.

We will aim to fulfill this mission through our business and other avenues, such as the Dapper & Done newsletter and our blog, Done & Done.

Both our newsletter and Done & Done will provide insights, useful advice, and inspiration on how to be, look, and feel dapper quickly and efficiently.. Our blog posts will dive a little bit deeper, whereas Done & Done will have more curated links and “quick hits.”

Lastly, I want to provide you with my e-mail address so that you can get in touch with me directly - it’s  If you have any questions, feedback, and/or ideas on how to make Dapper & Done better, please reach out to me. Thanks, again, for checking us out - hope you stick around for awhile. :)


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