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Why the Shopping Experiences for Men's Grooming Products Aren't Good

I hate wasting time. 

Maybe it’s because I have a Type A personality. Maybe it’s because I feel like I should always be doing something to make “progress” in my life. Maybe it’s because I’m an entrepreneur - and entrepreneurs always have something to do.

Whatever the case may be, I despise wasting time. Running errands, waiting in lines, traffic, trying to find parking. The list of inefficiencies goes on.

And going to the store to pick up men's grooming products - face wash, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. - fits right in on that list. 

There are so many things that are inefficient about the process.  A sampling:

    • Physically having to go to the store.  This is the part I hate the most. Whether you’re walking or driving, physically going to the store takes up precious time.  Throw in cold weather, traffic, trying to find parking... yeah. Totally brutal. And after you actually get to the store, it doesn’t get much better...
    • Finding where the products are located in the store.  Once you're there, you have to try and find the products you need. Target, CVS, Wal-mart - there are so many aisles! Even finding the section where, let’s say, face wash is located in is time-consuming.
    • Now knowing what products to get.  There are so many products.  How do you know what to get? What’s the best face wash for me? And what does “exfoliate” mean? Oh yeah, and then you have to check out. Checkout lines aren't fun. At all.
    • Shopping online is inefficient too.  So let’s say, you’re done with going to the store, and you’re just going to order online. While this may save you time, it can still take awhile to find the actual product that you want.  And you also need to remember to order supplies too.  (Not as simple as it sounds. Guys - am I right?)
    • Discovering new products is a challenge. Let’s say you want to step your game up by using higher-quality stuff. What do you do? How do you know what to get? You could spend time reading reviews and checking out other articles online - but that’s still inefficient.

      Do any of the reasons above hit home with you?

      If so, welcome to Dapper & Done, my friend. We can help make your lives just a little bit easier.


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