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  • A Lesson in Dapperness: 5 Questions with Brooklyn Grooming Founders, Mckenzie Santiago and Alfredo Ortiz
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A Lesson in Dapperness: 5 Questions with Brooklyn Grooming Founders, Mckenzie Santiago and Alfredo Ortiz

Brooklyn Grooming is special because all of their products are hand-formulated and handcrafted with all-natural ingredients. Their products have been featured in Men's Journal and Men's Health

Learn more about Brooklyn Grooming, their story, and their products from their founders, Mckenzie Santiago and Alfredo Ortiz. 

1. Tell us a little of the history of Brooklyn Grooming. What motivated you to start the business?

Mckenzie: I started the brand after I had been concocting beauty recipes for over a decade. My interest was first piqued in Portland, Oregon over twelve years ago after being exposed to a very natural way of living. I started studying herbs and formulas while I was working in the service industry, and at the time, I had no idea that it would eventually lead me into creating my own brand. I started my first line of products about seven years ago and discovered that I had a huge interest in making skincare that was unique to the mainstream market.

Ultimately, anyone can make a beard oil, but no one else is coming from where we are with our scent creation and that is where we stand out. Add to that a genuine commitment to learning about and utilizing health-promoting ingredients and you understand our very real and simple approach.

Alfredo: Mckenzie and I have been friends for almost a decade. Three years ago, Mckenzie told me that she needed help designing a label for a men's grooming line she had in mind - and since my background is in graphic design, I decided to be part of her project and create the entire look of the line.

2. What makes Brooklyn Grooming's products unique?

Mckenzie: Brooklyn is a very unique city, and our grooming line was inspired by Brooklyn. To us, it seems that it is the perfect place where you are deciding what you are going to become; there is inspiration everywhere in the city, and it seems that taking Brooklyn as an inspiration would be the perfect concept to create a grooming line.

All our products are hand-formulated and handcrafted with all-natural ingredients.

Every batch of every product is dosed, measured, and prepared by hand in our studio in Brooklyn's Navy Yard. Nothing is mass-produced, and we feel this is one way of staying close to our clients' needs. The passion, the precision, and the love we pour into every balm, wax, and serum is passed - quite literally - from our hands to yours.

Alfredo: Our exclusive recipes includes organic vegetable butters, beeswax, herbs, and essential oils - trusted ingredietns revered since antiquity for their healthful and beautifying properties. There are no chemicals or industrial byproducts like the ones found in most cosmetics today.

3. What are the values that Brooklyn Grooming stands for?

Alfredo: One thing we agree on is that true beauty is rooted in authenticity.

From the development of our recipes and the preparation of our products to the look of our packaging and daily business practices, we strive to underscore every action with what is simple and natural.

4. If you could give just one tip to our readers, what would it be?

Alfredo: Have fun with your grooming routine, and try new things and looks... changing it up is all part of the game. Some guys are afraid to try new styles just because they think that it wouldn't look good on them, but you have to try it all at least once.

Mckenzie: Just take care of your beard! Don't obsess over it, but don't neglect it either. It's all about balance.

5. How can our readers learn more about Brooklyn Grooming?

Check out our website; every product has an in-depth description of each product and very helpful reviews. Also, our blog and press page have some interesting articles.

And please follow our social media channels:


Step Up Your Grooming Game

Want some more good stuff from Brooklyn Grooming? Well, you got it, pal.

Check out this quick and simple 3-step routine that men can do to keep their beards looking great - and the accompanying Beard Lover's Bundle to help you do the routine:

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This bundle consists of Beard Oil, Beard Soap, and the Handmade Mustache-Beard Comb - all from Brooklyn Grooming.

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