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A Lesson In Dapperness: 5 Questions with Linda Thompson of Olie Biologique


Olie Biologique's philosophy is that looking and feeling radiantly healthy should be completely natural. Their organic oils and blends don't contain parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetics, or chemical preservatives - but they do contain the best botanical ingredients. 

Learn more about Olie Biologique in this interview with their founder, Linda Thompson.

1. In one sentence, how would you describe Olie Biologique?

Linda: Pure, potent, luxurious organic skincare oils for savvy eco-cureans.

2. Tell us about the story behind your company. What motivated you to start the business?

Linda: What I started Olie, I was traveling back and forth to Paris as the Editor-in-Chief for an interactive infotainment project at Cartier. The synthetic-laden cremes I was using certainly didn't belong in the Love Collection. Those unpronounceable ingredients seemed to be creating more irritation and dryness despite the long list crowding the box promising youthful beauty.

In French pharmacies, I found precious as-yet unexported face oils that immediately gave me clear, hydrated, luminous skin. I began a mission to create safe, effective, and quietly scented oils filled in simple but elegant bottles.

I was always bothered that quality skin care products were overpriced or the vast selection made choice difficult. I wanted to find a way to create gorgeous skin-transforming oils that feel great to use, which I think is the basis of a skincare wardrobe - accessible to women AND men. When creating Olie, it was important for me to create a simple array that everyone, no matter what ethnicity or skin type, can benefit from. Based on the very diverse demographic of customers who have been using and loving Olie, I feel that we've been able to accomplish this goal.

3. What makes your products different than the other grooming products in the marketplace?

Linda: Olie is focused on safe, high performance luxurious face oils that people love to use as a daily ritual. My best selling product is as beloved by men as it is by women. Also, we create only oils, vs many brands that offer an oil among other products.

The Olie experience is memorable to most oil newbies. People are shocked at how un-oily it is. Pregnant women feel safe using it on their bellies. I think this is remarkable in an industry full of hype, plus these results come from 100% pure and organic ingredients.

Olie is crafted with incredible attention to detail. Every aspect of each oil blend is carefully considered, from the potency (we don't use extracts, for example) and feel to color and scent. Not all oil blends are created equal. I offer less well known oils like baobab and sacha inchi but they must be blended correctly with essential oils. To me, each blend is music. Are you going to use harmonious combinations or discordant combinations? It takes craftsmanship.

Our ingredient lists are short and simple to understand, using organic and wild-harvested ingredients when possible.

Finally, the Olie Biologique collection is purposely focused and versatile. This means consumers can simplify their beauty routines with fewer steps and products and we make it easy to choose which product is best for you.

4. If you could give just one grooming tip to our readers, what would it be?

Linda: Olie Says: Every day, without exception cleanse and hydrate. In a pinch, add some white sugar to your favorite face oil for a quick and hydrating cleanser with a single product.

5. How can our readers learn more about Olie Biologique and connect with you online?

Linda: Visit us at


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