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  • A Lesson In Dapperness: 5 Questions with Francesco Clark of Clark's Botanicals
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A Lesson In Dapperness: 5 Questions with Francesco Clark of Clark's Botanicals

In 2002, Francesco Clark suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left his central nervous system impaired. Due to this injury, he lost the ability to sweat - which led to clogged pores and breakouts.

Together with his father, Dr. Harold Clark, they created botanically-based formulas that rebalanced and cleared up Francesco's skin. Other people started finding out about - and enjoying -their products, and Francesco started selling Clark's Botanicals through his website in 2005. Read on to find out more about Francesco's inspirational story and his products.

1. What motivated you to start Clark's Botanicals? Tell us the story behind the brand.

Francesco: The line began out of pure necessity. I was working at Harper's Bazaar when I suffered a crippling spinal cord injury in a swimming pool diving accident on June 1, 2002. As a result of my injury, I lost the ability not only to walk, but even to sweat. This led to clogged pores and chronic breakouts.

When neither over-the-counter nor prescriptive remedies worked, I turned to my father, Dr. Harold Clark, a physician trained in both traditional Western and homeopathy for help. Together we developed botanically-based formulas that effectively rebalanced my skin, clearing it up entirely. Through word-of-mouth, other people discovered and fell in love with these products, and in 2005, I began selling my products at retail.

2. How are Clark's Botanicals products different than the other grooming products in the marketplace?

Francesco: Our products are based around Jasmine Absolute, which is a mixture of botanical Jasmine extracts and Jasmine essential oils which help naturally rebalance skin. This type of Jasmine is derived from nocturnally-blooming flowers and is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating. It works to calm and heal a broad spectrum of skin types, from young to mature, oily to dry, and normal to sensitive.

3. What is your philosophy on the ingredients in your products?

Francesco: Everything about this line has a purpose and reason for being, from the ingredients to the packaging. It's an expression of who I am in its purest form.

4. If you could give just one grooming tip to our readers, what would it be?

Francesco: One of the most common, irritating, and persistent problems with male skin is ingrown facial hair. You have to be diligent about using a moisturizer with glycolic acid in it, to help gently exfoliate to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, as well as keep your pores clear. This was one of the reasons for formulating our Smoothing Marine Cream.

5. How can our readers learn more about Clark's Botanicals and connect with you online?

Francesco: They can definitely check out our website,  There is a "contact us" selection which they can always use to ask questions, etc. They can also follow me on instagram at clarksbotanicalsfc.


Step Up Your Grooming Game

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