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Community Spotlight: Beard Board | An Interview with Founder Jeff Falberg


Jeff Falberg is the founder of Beard Board, an online community of beard enthusiasts. Founded in 2001, Beard Board has grown into a popular community for those who want to discuss starting and growing beards, established beards, mustaches, etc.

In this interview, Jeff shares the story behind Beard Board, what makes it special, and more.

What is Beard Board all about? And how long has it been around?

Jeff: Beard Board is focused on sharing a common goal amongst men whom want to grow and stay with facial hair, along with those that admire and support those with facial hair. We've been around since precisely July 8, 2001.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background. What motivated you to start Beard Board?

Jeff: My name is Jeff; I'm married with a spouse, and we have one grown-up son. I've lived in Connecticut for most of the past 40 years since I was a young teenager.

My background is mainly involved with the computer industry as I've worked mainly as a software developer and oftentimes maintain websites and databases for various small businesses and infrastructures. My main hobbies include long-distance running and playing video games with my son.

When I started Beard Board, there was already another community that was more focused on long, untrimmed beards, and I felt there was an opportunity for those like myself that was satisfied with just a goatee would rather have a community that would be more open to all the many varieties of facial hair in existence.

What makes the Beard Board community special?

Jeff: While Beard Board took awhile to gain traction during its earlier years, I'm grateful as to how it's caught on and the help and support I have had from various staff members to date as well as how it's evolved over the years in positive ways.

What are the most popular topics of discussion within your forum?

Jeff: While the Rogaine Experiment topic is over 10 years old and over 10,000 replies, we get an influx of facial hair help-related topics as we encourage our members to participate in their discussions as well as others in their endeavors to meet their goals.

Who are some of your most active members who you'd like to give a special shout-out to?

Jeff: Various to name especially those that helped make Beard Board the resource that it is today, which includes co-administrator Dan (aka DanoFromCO) and staff member Bill (aka jasjes).

If you could ask your community just one question (and get answers to it), what would it be?

Jeff: First question that would pop in mind would be: Would you look any different today had you never heard of Beard Board?

What's the most interesting thing about running a forum?

Jeff: I'm always gratified by all the facial hair journey topics and how others chime in to support and positively guide their way.


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Thanks to Jeff for the interview! If you're interested in talking beards, head on over to the Beard Board to join in the discussion.

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