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Men of Inspiration: Sean Russell of Menprovement

Sean Russell is the founder and CEO of Menprovement, a self-improvement resource - which includes a blog and podcast - for men who are dedicated to being elite.

He created the site out of his own ambition to improve his own life, and he shares his inspirational story in this interview.

1. Tell us about the story behind Menprovement. What is Menprovement, and what motivated you to start the site?

Sean: Menprovement was created out of necessity. I went through 3-4 years of hard times in my life after the age of 21. I found myself with a horrific anxiety disorder which lead me to lose my athletic life as a promising soccer player, my social life, and more.

I found myself working a job I hated and completely at rock bottom at about age 24. So I committed to personal development and became obsessed with it. I saw incredible progress not only with anxiety but with everything else.

I then got into entrepreneurship and wanted to break free of my unfailing 9-5 job so I started a website. Turned out to be a bad website, but it gave me the skills I have now to run Menprovement.

The idea for Menprovement came while driving home from work about 1 year and 9 months ago. I bought the domain right when I got home.

After conquering my own demons I become obsessed with personal development and being the best man I could be. I created Menprovement in the image of what I, a self-improvement obsessed dude, was looking for.

I wanted to create an outlet for men to improve any area of their life. I saw how pretty much everything that was out there for guys was either mainstream (Men's Health/AskMen kind of stuff) or really small personal blogs that didn't capture the market.

I saw a gap for self improvement for men in the market that could bring them the volume of content like big sites such as Men's Health and AskMen do, but at an authentic, non-commercialized level, like the small personal bloggers out there. 

2. What do you feel makes Menprovement unique and different than the other self-improvement content that is out there?

Sean: I think Menprovement is different because it's all about being 100% authentic. We get hundreds of article submissions from people who want to pay us to post, but we never post anything unless it truly will improve the reader's life.

There's no mainstream nonsense about celebrities, just pure self-improvement. At least that's where were headed.

3. Shifting gears to focus on grooming - what are the 2-3 most important grooming tips you have?

Sean: I see grooming as a big success tip. So my main tip would be to just do it daily!

Dressing sharp and grooming daily is just as important as showering and keeping your apartment clean. It is essential to being the best man you can be and having the impact you want to have in the world.

As far as tips for how to do it, I recommend using products that are organic and natural.

There are too many chemicals out there that wreak havoc on male endocrine systems and most grooming products contain them, but luckily there are more companies coming out every year like Brickell Men's Products that are using all natural ingredients.

4. Do you have a quick and simple grooming routine that you utilize that you can share with our readers?

Sean: I wake up, exercise, take a cold shower, do my hair, shave and then meditate every morning. After that I get dressed, think about breakfast and conquer the day. After a solid morning routine like this with grooming included you are ready to do anything.

5. How can our readers connect with you?

Sean: If you are into this stuff, you can check out to learn how to become a better man. We cover sex, dating, style, money, fitness, confidence and much more.

Then you can listen to The Menprovement Podcast on iTunes where we interview the most amazing men alive, and unlike many podcasts we ask them for specific step-by-step instructions for improvement and not just their favorite quote or book.

And if you really want to be the best you can be, check out The Menprovement Academy at which is our membership site where we currently have 5 amazing programs for becoming a better man.

And feel free to email me at I love connecting with like-minded guys.


Step Up Your Grooming Game

Thanks to Sean for the interview!

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