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Dapperness Expert: Barron Cuadro of Effortless Gent

Barron Cuadro is the Founding Editor of Effortless Gent, a men's style blog that promotes and educates men on "an honest approach to personal style." Whereas other sites may focus on fashion and the latest trends, EG is more focused on the basics.

In this interview, Barron shares the story behind EG, what a "Lean Wardrobe" is, grooming tips, and more.

Tell us the story behind Effortless Gent. What is your background, and what motivated you to start the site?

Barron: Well, my professional background is in web design and development, so not related at all. :)

I've always been interested in clothing, my appearance, and personal style in general. I love how I feel when I dress well and the positive response I get from people I interact with.

In high school and college, my guy friends always asked me for style advice. I figured other guys out there may have similar questions (but no one to ask), so I started Effortless Gent in order to provide those answers, and in general, be a source of style guidance they can rely on.

What makes EG different than the other style blogs out there? What makes it stand out?

Barron: We like to focus on content that is evergreen; articles that our readers can come back to year after year, even as their style changes.

We're not too trend-forward or specific with our writing; we want to be a timeless resource that stays useful, even as the brand and business grows and evolves.

What were the biggest challenges you faced with building an audience for your site? And how did you overcome them?

Barron: We didn't run into any challenges necessarily, other than the fact that it takes time. We've been around since November 2009, so almost six years at this point.

When we first started out, there wasn't much response, and growth was relatively slow just like any other brand new site. But I know that with consistency and helpful content, we would grow over time.

So instead of worrying about growth tactics, I just focused on regularly pumping out helpful content, sharing it on social media, and asking my readers to share it as well.

What does it mean to have a "Lean Wardrobe?"

Barron: I describe a Lean Wardrobe as the minimal amount of clothing a man needs to maximize the flexibility and interchangeability of his wardrobe.

It's different for every guy depending on his "SIS" - Situation (like his job, what does on a daily or weekly basis), his Income (or his clothing budget), and his Surroundings (physical surroundings like where he lives, and also the people he surrounds himself with.

Once a guy figures out his SIS and understands the idea of the Lean Wardrobe Pyramid, he can begin to build his Lean Wardrobe.

What's your one piece of "success" advice for people who are pursuing their dreams?

Barron: If you know what you want to do, pursue it unapologetically, and don't give up until you get it.

Also, at the end of the day, it's about your customer (or your client, or your reader). Make serving them your number one priority, and you can't go wrong.

And what's your one grooming tip that you would pass on to other men?

Barron: Keep your eyebrows trimmed. Makes a big difference for your face. Use your index finger to push your hair against the grain (opposite the direction of growth), and trim anything above your index finger.

One of the purposes of this blog is to help men be, look, and feel dapper quickly and efficiently. Do you have a simple and quick grooming routine that you use that you can share with us?

Barron: If you have straight hair that's difficult to style, blow drying when wet and brushing it in the right direction works wonders. I never did this until my barber showed me.

Once dry, I finish with a water-based pomade and style 'til I get it right.

How can our readers connect with you online?

Barron:, of course. Also, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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