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  • Doorstep Dapperness Spotlight: Foot Cardigan | An Interview with Founder Bryan DeLuca
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Doorstep Dapperness Spotlight: Foot Cardigan | An Interview with Founder Bryan DeLuca

Recently, Dapper & Done presented Doorstep Dapperness: 37 Ways to Get Dapperness Regularly Delivered to You | A Definitive List" - and now D&D will be following up with spotlights on some of the brands that are on the list. If you want to look good but hate shopping, then follow along to learn more about the companies that can help you look dapper without ever having to step foot in a mall ever again.

The first spotlight is on Foot Cardigan - a fun-loving, subscription sock company. They delight their customers by sending them a new pair of unique socks on a monthly basis. In this interview, founder Bryan DeLuca shares the story behind Foot Cardigan, what makes the company unique, his top sock tip, and more.

What's the story behind Foot Cardigan, and what motivated you to start the business?

Bryan: My wife and I quit our jobs in late 2011 to travel Europe for a while. A couple weeks in, I realized I didn't bring enough socks on the trip. After grabbing some really fun ones in London out of necessity, whimsical socks kind of became my thing when we got back to the States.

Three months later, the hilarious Dollar Shave Club video surfaced on the internet. I fell in love with the subscription model as a business and less than three months later Foot Cardigan launched.

Tell us about the value that Foot Cardigan brings to the table. What are the top benefits of being one of your customers?

Bryan: Roughly 73% of men and 41% of women wear socks every day. Instead of having to go to the store to buy them, we'll ship them to you every month, so you don't even have to think about it.

Also, you don't know what you're going to get. No one gets fun mail anymore because they largely already know what's going to be in their mailbox. Bills, political flyers and things they know they ordered from Amazon or any other online retailer. So, we're spicing up the mail, just like the old days.

Customers also know they are getting exclusive designs. Meaning, besides our subscription, you can't get these sock designs anywhere.  

What are the major pain points that you're aiming to solve with your business?

Bryan: To be honest, I don't think there's a pain point. If there was one, it would be that you don't have to go to the store to buy socks anymore. That's nice.

But really, a sock subscription is kind of a 'want' not a 'need.' I'm really selling this, aren't I? :)

The men's sock industry has gotten very popular. What makes Foot Cardigan different than the other sock companies that are out there?

Bryan: Well, we're not 'just' a sock company for starters. At our core we're a sock subscription. We're one of the originals and one of the only ones that manufactures all our own socks.

We have competitors, a lot of them actually. It's flattering because that kind of validates the idea, right?

Also, I think we're the most fun. I mean, I'm wearing a girl scout uniform on our website. WUT. You're just going to have a really great experience with us. You're going to have a lot of fun.

If you could give our readers just one tip about socks, what would it be?

Bryan: Really, as long as shoes have existed, socks have taken a back seat as the main foot accessory. Socks are poised to aggressively change that. How do I know that? They told me.

My tip is this: Socks love the attention on them. So give it to them.

How can our readers learn more about what you're up to and connect with you online?

Bryan: This is a loaded question because we tend to overextend ourselves socially. Personally, you can connect with me on Twitter @bryandeluca.

Otherwise, our handle is @footcardigan on pretty much every social thing that ever existed. We're really loving Periscope right now, though.


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Thanks to Bryan for the interview! If you're interested in finding out more about their socks (or just want to read some hilarious content), check out

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You can download a free copy of "Doorstep Dapperness: 37 Ways to Get Dapperness Regularly Delivered to Your Door" by clicking the image below:

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