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Doorstep Dapperness: 37 Ways to Get Dapperness Regularly Delivered to You | A Definitive List

 Doorstep Dapperness

I hate shopping.

And if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re with me here.

One of the main reasons that I hate shopping is that it’s just so inefficient. A lot of us are busy and just don’t have the time to go to the mall, browse, try a bunch of things on, do price comparisons, etc. It’s just... such a process.

And what I particularly hate shopping for are things that I need to buy over and over again. Grooming products, for example. :)

We’ve got things to do. Sights to see. People to meet. The world to change. We just don’t have time for shopping and keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind looking dapper either - as long as it could be done quickly and efficiently.

I know that there are a bunch of you out there like me.  Guys who are busy and just don’t have the time, patience, or interest to shop (or think about fashion and style) - but still want to look good.

Well, I'm going to help you out... I’ve compiled a list of 37 “Doorstep Dapperness” businesses that can help you be, look, and feel dapper on an on-going basis without leaving your home.


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Some of them are subscription businesses; others offer auto-replenishment. Some of them handpick your products; others allow you to select your own. Some are monthly; others allow you to choose your own frequency of delivery.

You’ve probably heard of some of them. Dollar Shave Club and Trunk Club, for example, are pretty well-known at this point. But there a bunch of emerging brands that are coming up that might offer exactly what you’re looking for.

So without further ado... let's jump into it.


Mandatory... Grooming & Hygiene

Let’s start with basic hygiene. To be dapper, yes, you need to have some nice clothes - but if your hygiene is terrible, you won’t be at peak dapperness. At all. (A nicely dressed guy with bad breath?  Not gonna work, fellas.)  

Remember the good ol’ days when you had to go to the store to get your grooming products? Well… maybe you still do that now. I know... it’s a habit.  

But habits can change. And you seriously may not have to make any more trips to Costco, Target, CVS or your local store for your grooming products with these companies making it easy for you. Think about all that time you’ll save!

Check out these other efficient ways to...

Discover Premium Grooming Products...

  • (1) Birchbox - Get a monthly box of personalized grooming and style samples/upgrades for $20 a month.

Meet Your Shaving Needs…

  • (2) Bevel - A 5-part shaving system (including a unique single-blade safety razor) that is built to reduce and prevent irritation and razor bumps; with a membership, you'll receive a bundle of shaving supplies every 3 months.
  • (3) Dollar Shave Club - Get your razor blades, shaving products, hair products, and even butt wipes on a subscription basis.
  • (4) Harry’s - Shaving supplies automatically delivered to you based on how often you shave. Really nice razor blade handles too.
  • (5) Wet Shave Club - A monthly box of wet shaving goods - different soaps, blades, aftershaves, etc. - delivered to you.


    Get Your Oral Hygiene Products...

      • (6) GoodMouth - Toothbrushes and other oral care products, such as toothpaste, floss, mints, and lip balm, sent to you on a subscription basis.
      • (7) quip - A new toothbrush experience designed for the modern lifestyle; get toothbrush heads and toothpaste every 3 months.


        Shop for Travel-Size Grooming Products...

        • (8) 3FLOZ - If you travel a lot, check out this one-stop shop for your travel-size grooming products... and you can set up the products you like on auto-replenishment too.


        Try Samples and Replenish Grooming Products...

         ***Want to step up your grooming game - but don't know where to start? Try 6 grooming samples for just $10.***


        The Basics... Socks & Underwear

        Now that you’re “fresh and clean,” let’s move on to the first layer of clothing: socks and underwear.  If you’re surprised that you don’t have to leave your home to get your grooming products… well, you REALLY don’t need to leave your home to get socks and underwear.

        You’ll see what I mean below.   

        Look at all these convenient ways to:

        Get Your Socks and Underwear...

        • (10) Manpacks - Socks, boxers, undershirts - as well as grooming products, etc. - shipped to you on a quarterly basis.  
        • (11) MeUndies - Underwear shipped to you every month; you can also order undershirts, pajamas, and socks here too.
        • (12) Sockwork - Get socks (2 pairs per box), boxer briefs (1 pair per box), or a combo of the two (1 pair of briefs and 1 pair of socks) delivered to you on a monthly basis.
        • (13) Zoraab - Get a monthly box of socks, socks + boxer briefs, or accessories (bow ties, pocket squares, etc.) delivered to you.


        Be Surprised with New Socks Every Month...

        • (14) Foot Cardigan - A monthly delivery of a new pair of unique socks for just $9 per month.
        • (15) Sock Fancy - Get 1 or 2 pairs of high-quality, unique socks every month. If you don’t like them, you can send them back.
        • (16) Sock Panda - Another sock service that will send you a pair (or two) of new, unique socks every month.
        • (17) Sockscribe Me - And one more.  Pick whether you want to get 1 or 2 pairs every month.


        Receive a Delivery of Socks Every Quarter…

        • (18) Ankle Swagger - Get 3 pairs of new socks each quarter; they offer 6-month (2 quarterly shipments), 12-month (4 quarterly shipments), and indefinite quarterly shipments.


        Get Bamboo Socks Automatically Delivered to You...

        • (19) Bamboo Supply Co. - Get multiple pairs of bamboo-made socks every month, every other month, or every quarter.


                Game Time, Fellas... Clothes


                Now that your foundation is taken care off, let’s move on to the really fun stuff… clothes.

                Here are easy ways to…

                Get Clothes Picked for You by a Stylist…

                • (20) Bombfell - Handpicked clothes from a stylist sent to you every month.
                • (21) Cinch Club - Request an outfit monthly, quarterly, or only when you want it; every item is selected by their styling team.
                • (22) Five Four Club - Get a package of clothes valued at $120 or more, curated by your stylist for $60 per month.
                • (23) Frank & Oak’s Hunt Club - Receive up to 5 items each month - either of your own choosing or picked by one of their Style Advisors - and only pay for the items that you keep.
                • (24) Trunk Club - Get your own personal stylist who will handpick a selection of clothes for you; your "trunks" will be sent to you when you request them.


                Consistently Have New Dress Shirts…

                • (25) Button Up A Month - Add dress shirts into a queue, and get one sent to you per month; all shirts are $16.99.
                • (26) Hall & Madden - Receive a curated box of 3 dress shirts every 3, 4, or 6 months.


                Get Menswear Essentials for Business Casual and Weekend Casual…

                • (27) ThreadLab - Designed specifically for “non-fashionista” guys who don’t like to shop. Jeans, dress pants, polo shirts, sweaters, socks, underwear, etc. selected for you based upon your product or brand preferences. Not a subscription service - you can choose to order as frequently as you like.


                Rent Nice Clothes...

                • (28) The Mr. Collection - Get shipments of clothes created by buyers and stylists delivered to you; rent and wear pieces - and only buy the items that you want to keep.


                Let's Top It Off... Accessories

                You’ve got almost everything you need to be completely dapper now… and you still haven’t left your home. Pretty phenomenal, right?

                Ok, well let’s top things off with some accessories.

                Below are some simple ways to…

                Get a New Tie In the Mail Every Month…

                • (29) RootBizzle - Receive a new, stylish tie (or pair of socks) each month; items are curated for you.


                Rent Ties and Other Accessories…

                • (30) FreshNeck - Netflix for ties. Load your queue with ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks; receive your top available items, and then once you’re ready for new items, send your original items back.
                • (31) Tie Society - Rent ties, bow ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, etc. on a subscription basis.


                Get Curated Boxes of Goods or Accessories…

                • (32) Bespoke Post - Each month, get a “Box of Awesome” - a limited edition collection of products; each package has a story or theme.
                • (33) Curator and Mule - Each season, they find accessories - hats, sunglasses, wallets, etc. - and send them to you.
                • (34) Gentleman’s Box - Get 4-5 curated items - from grooming to style - each month (accompanied by the latest issue of GQ Magazine).
                • (35) Sprezza Box - Receive 3-4 lifestyle items, a grooming product discount code, and more each month.
                • (36) Svbscription - Receive hand-picked clothing, grooming products, accessories, technology, homewares, etc. on demand.
                • (37) The KinderBox - Get 5 items from various categories like survival tools, tech gadgets, food, clothes, and more each month.


                Step Up Your Game

                And that's the list! As more "doorstep dapperness" businesses emerge, I'll continue to update and expand the list.

                Also, if there are any other companies that you think should be included on the list, just add a comment below!

                Also, to get a free download of "Doorstep Dapperness: 37 Ways to Get Dapperness Regularly Delivered to Your Door," click on the image below.

                Oh, and it also includes a nice, little bonus gift for you too. :)


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