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  • Doorstep Dapperness Spotlight: Gentleman's Box | An Interview with Co-Founder John Haji
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Doorstep Dapperness Spotlight: Gentleman's Box | An Interview with Co-Founder John Haji


Next up in our Doorstep Dapperness series is... the Gentleman's Box.

The Gentleman's Box is a premier box subscription created exclusively for gentlemen. Their monthly boxes are uniquely themed and curated with items of discovery, must-have essentials, etc.

In this interview, co-founder John Haji shares the story behind the Detroit-based company, what makes the Gentleman's Box different than other men's subscription boxes, and more.

What's the story behind the Gentleman's Box, and what motivated you to start the business?

John: I worked in the automotive industry for just over 9 years and worked countless hours. I was visiting a friend of mine, and she had been bragging about a new subscription she was a part of called Birchbox.

I had always been a fashion enthusiast and one that was into the latest trends and styles but could not afford the time to stay current because of my busy work schedule.

I loved the idea of the convenience behind the subscription model so I built off this concept. However, I wanted to be able to deliver more tangible items that provide value and use to the consumer rather than a box filled with grooming samples.

Tell us about the value that the Gentleman's Box brings to the table. What are the top benefits of being one of your customers.

John: Well for one, here at the Gentleman’s Box, we promise a 3X Guarantee so that every box from here on out will have three times the value of what the box is worth.

Second, we have an amazing partnership with Conde Nast publications who produces GQ Magazine so that every subscriber receives the latest issue of GQ. This allows the consumer to not only receive great new products on a monthly basis, but to be able to read up on the latest fashions, styles, technology and all that GQ has to offer.

Lastly, and most importantly, we are creating a lifestyle brand and that lifestyle of being a gentleman. They say chivalry is dead, but our goal is to bring that back. We are wanting to turn every man into a gentleman.

What are the major pain points that you're aiming to solve with your business?

John: As I mentioned before, we are creating a lifestyle brand.

We want to be more than just another subscription box company delivering products to your door on a monthly basis. We are building awareness of brands to the eyes of the consumer. We are engaging with our subscribers to give tips and advice of fashion, style, and living the gentleman way of life.

What makes the Gentleman's Box different than the other subscription boxes for men that are out there?

John: We are very unique to deliver an elite subscription with a variety of products that are different each month.

You’ll find that some people can never have too many ties and socks but some men get bored with the consistency. We try to mix it up every month to deliver products of discovery, must-have essentials, novelty, and grooming.

We theme our boxes every month so there is also some excitement to find out who we honor, as subscribers don't know what they get until their box arrives.

How do you go about curating the products for each box?

John: Every month we honor a noteworthy gentleman and, with that, will theme products that suit the lifestyle of that gentleman.

For instance, we honored our Favorite Godfather in February, and everyone who knows of the Godfather knows that he always wore a red flower on his suit coat. Therefore, we packaged a red lapel flower in our box.

We try to package a variety of items each month with one item being a grooming product (shaving cream, facial scrub, etc.) and the other 3-4 items be a combination of items of discovery and must-have essentials (socks, ties, etc.).

Lastly, and of course, we package the latest issue of GQ Magazine.

What do you think is the single biggest misconception that guys have when it comes to fashion & style?

John: I think the single biggest misconception is that the latest trends, fashion and style can be extremely expensive.

You’ll find that there are many affordable men’s accessories brands out there that will deliver the same great look one is looking for. If someone needs help with that… they can subscribe to the Gentleman's Box for $25 a month, LOL.

And what is the #1 grooming-related issue you think guys struggle with?

John: The #1 grooming-related issue that I think guys struggle with is VARIETY. When most men think of grooming, they typically think of basic needs like shaving. However, there are many helpful essentials out there for men such as facial scrubs, eye serums, lip balms, body washes, and more.

If you could give our readers just one fashion & style tip, what would it be?

John: Keep it simple.

Many people overthink colors and combinations and try to be too flashy. No need for excessive jewelry and a variety of colors and patterns in the same outfit.

One of the main focuses of this blog is to help men be, look, and feel dapper quickly and efficiently. Do you have a simple and quick grooming routine that you follow that you can share with our readers?

John: I wouldn’t say it is relatively quick but while showering I apply my facial scrubs and moisturizers. Then I have one clipper with multiple attachments that allow me to trim all areas of my face (beard, mustache, ear, nose, etc.).

How can our readers learn more about what you're up to and connect with you online?

John: People can follow me and send messages to me on my social media channels:

  • Instragram: @jjhaji
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @johnnyhaji

They can also email me directly at

I am working on releasing my own blog page called Gentleman Essentials, so that will be another avenue for readers to connect with me and read up on fashion, style, and grooming.


Step Up Your Grooming Game

Thanks to John for the interview!

Also, a little surprise for you... if you're interested in stepping up your game and discovering products (in an efficient way, of course) with the Gentleman's Box , use the promo code "DONE" for $5 off your first month's box. You're welcome. :)

Some of the types of products John alluded to are facial scrubs and moisturizers. Below are examples from each category that might pique your interest.

Face Scrubs. Brickell's Renewing Face Scrub is a face scrub that you might want to check out. It sloughs away dirt, dead skin, and other facial impurities - and also hydrates your skin...

Another face scrub is Triumph & Disaster's Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub - which cleans out dirty pores and nourishes your skin...

T&D Face Scrub

We've got other face scrubs that you can choose from as well.


Moisturizers. Daily Face Lotion from Kale Naturals moisturizes your skin and helps with under-eye puffiness and aging...


Game Day's Moisturizer: Hydrator + SPF 30 not only hydrates the skin to prevent wrinkles, but also protects your skin from sun damage...

And we have other facial moisturizers for you to take a look at too.


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