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Doorstep Dapperness: SprezzaBox | An Interview with Philip Sblendorio


If you like accessories AND hate going shopping, then you might want to check out SprezzaBox.

SprezzaBox is a men's subscription box that allows you to keep up with the trends without spending a lot of time doing so. As a customer, you'll receive 5-6 curated items on a monthly basis.

In this interview, SprezzaBox co-founder Philip Sblendorio shares the motivation behind starting the business, how SprezzaBox is different, style & fashion and grooming tips, and more.


What's the story behind SprezzaBox, and what motivated you to start the business?

Philip: We knew style, and we knew quality, but saw a hole in the men's retail market. Subscription businesses were on the rise, so we immediately created our company to be the first to offer a monthly box of accessories geared towards gentlemen.. and we launched our first box in April of 2014.

Who is your ideal customer?

Philip: We try to cater to everyone, but our ideal customer is the guy who wants to upgrade his style but simply doesn't have the time or energy.

What are the main benefits of being one of your customers?

Philip: We have an in-house stylist (yes, a real one) that designs and curates the boxes each month. We ensure the true retail value of each box is around $75 and also offer meaningful giveaways, style tips, and more.

What makes SprezzaBox unique? How is it different than the other men's subscription boxes out there?

Philip: There have certainly been a number of boxes that followed after we launched but what makes us unique is that we truly know what we are doing when it comes to choosing products.

We don't just throw a box together with cheap brands or gimmicky products. We handpick and test each product beforehand and unfortunately turn brands away sometimes.

We choose higher quality products that match and meet the current trends. You can't really find that expertise elsewhere.

How do you go about curating the products for each box?

Philip: That's top secret. But know that you are guaranteed to love most of the items in the box, making it well worth your $28.

What do you think is the single biggest misconception that guys have when it comes to fashion & style?

Philip: Guys sometimes assume that it takes a lot of work and that it's expensive. This is why we have been able to be so successful.

And what is the #1 grooming-related issues you think guys struggle with?

Philip: Skin care. If you wear sunblock or lotion with SPF on a daily basis, you are likely to avoid aging, sunspots, and even help prevent skin cancer.

You will be thankful when you are 50 and look 10 years younger.

If you could give our readers just one fashion & style tip, what would it be?

Philip: Always add a bit of your own personality to your style.

Fashion is one thing but style you can make "your own." Whether it's a little bit of color in your socks or adding a lapel pin to your blazer, wear it proudly, and be confident.

How can our readers learn more about what you're up to and connect with you online?

Philip: Check us out on or follow us on social media @SprezzaBox to stay up to date on the current trends.


Step Up Your Game

A big 'thank you' to Philip for the interview!

If you're interested in giving SprezzaBox a try, Philip has also provided a discount code that can be used for 10% off your first box - here's the code: SPREZZA10.

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