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7 Beauty Bloggers On The Biggest Grooming Mistakes That Guys Make


Let's be honest, guys... women know a lot more about personal care and hygiene than we do.

They take care of their skin; they use moisturizer; they shape their eyebrows; they wash AND condition their hair; they... exfoliate.

Us? Yeah... we'll shower maybe once a day. Wash our faces with water and bar soap. Not even consider using any sort of moisturizer or SPF (obviously).

We make a ton of grooming mistakes... that we don't even know we're making! We can be completely oblivious.

So why not get some help from the ladies, right?

In this article, 7 prominent beauty bloggers share their perspectives on what they think are the biggest grooming-related mistakes that guys make (and what to do about them).

You ready to learn something? Let's do this.


1. Danielle Gray of The Style And Beauty Doctor


I think the single biggest mistake guys can make when it comes to grooming is NOT grooming at all.

I personally love a variety of clean-cut looks and scruffiness (Idris Elba comes to mind) and I’m also a fan of beards (I used to have this thing where I would stare at images of singer Anthony Hamilton and want to rub my fingers through his facial hair) BUT there needs to be balance.

You should still be making one with the clippers - lining up and making your face-scape look neat.

- Danielle Gray

(Photo Source: Danielle Gray)


2. Donna Kim of Donna Daily


I don’t mind facial or body hair (in fact, I prefer it!) but I think the biggest mistake is putting too much hair product.

A bit of sculpting cream is enough - minimal is better and sexier.

Also, please wear SPF - I know so many guys that skip that step, but it should always be the first.

- Donna Kim

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3. Jeannine Morris of


One of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to grooming is dismissing the fact that they should take care of their eyebrows.

I’m not saying that they should be perfectly primped, but they should be familiar with how to use a tweezer.

- Jeannine Morris

(Photo Source:


4. Julia DiNardo of Fashion Pulse Daily

I’m not a big fan of facial hair, but when it is taken care of, it can be very attractive. I think a common mistake guys make is to just let a beard and mustache grow in as an excuse to not have to shave or care for it, but the opposite is true.

Almost as much time as you spend shaving should go into grooming, properly washing, and conditioning your skin and hair, as now it will be even more of a focal point.

Nowadays, there are so many great products out there, from cool beard oils you can buy on to waxes and beard-specific washes and conditioners, that there’s no excuse to not be able to maintain a meticulously groomed beard.

The bottom line: don’t be lazy with facial hair.

- Julia DiNardo

(Photo Credit: Giafrese)


5. Kristin Booker of Fashion Style Beauty


Please, please wash and exfoliate your skin.

If you want someone to kiss you, make that thing soft to the touch. Clarisonic makes a new device specifically for you, the Alpha Fit, which cleanses AND makes shaving easier, and is small enough to be kept in the medicine cabinet. You only got one face, so please take care of it.

- Kristin Booker

(Photo Credit: Giafrese)


6. Lara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected


I have three: Using body soap as face wash, not establishing a consistent skincare routine and lastly (and what I consider the biggest) forgetting to wear SPF.

Most men just use SPF when they are going to [the] beach to protect from burning but it’s important to wear it daily if you’re exposed to the sun for more than ten minutes, even if it’s cloudy.

A broad spectrum formula that protects against UVA and UVB rays not only reduces the risk of skin cancer, it’s the number one anti-aging preventative step you can take in my book.

- Lara Eurdolian

(Photo Source: Lara Eurdolian)


7. Sophie Uliano from


[The] single biggest mistake is not creating the same kind of anti-aging regime that women do…

[Also], not using a Vitamin C serum every single morning to mitigate past damage & protect the skin from future damage.

- Sophie Uliano

 (Photo Source:



A big 'thank you' to all of the beauty bloggers for giving us guys a little help!

Sometimes it just takes a little awareness to get things headed in the right direction - and hopefully, you have learned a thing (or seven) here today to get you going on the right path to better grooming.


Step Up Your Grooming Game

To help you implement some of these tips, below are some relevant products that can help you out.

SPF. To implement Donna and Lara's's advice on SPF, get yourself a daily moisturizer that includes SPF like the Face Balm SPF 15 from URTH:


Beard Care. Take care of your beard with a beard oil like the Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil.

More beard care products here too.


Exfoliate. Yes, it's cool for you to exfoliate as Kristin recommends. Below is the Face Bomb Deep Cleansing Mud from Portland General store, which is an example of a face scrub that exfoliates your skin:

This wouldn't look so terrible in your bathroom, would it? :) You can also check out our other face scrubs.


Anti-Aging. Below is the TAUN Facial Repair Formula, which reduces signs of aging. Andrew from did an anti-aging experiment using TAUN - check out the results of "The Two Taun Test."


Skincare Routine. If you're looking to implement a better skincare routine - than, for example, just washing your face with bar soap and water - take a look at this simple 2-step facial care routine.

And here is the Brickell Men's Daily Essential Face Care Routine Bundle that you can use to help you execute the routine:


If you want to learn about more bloggers, check out the "Grooming Blogs Toolkit" - 17 blogs that can help you get started with better grooming.

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