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Dapperness Expert: Adam Walker of The Male Stylist | An Interview

 Adam Walker

Adam Walker is the man behind The Male Stylist, a men's fashion, style, and grooming blog. He's also been featured in AskMen, Yahoo! Beauty, and

In this interview, he shares his story, the biggest grooming mistake he thinks guys make, his own daily and evening grooming routines, and more.

What's your back story, and how did you end up getting into men's fashion & grooming?

Adam: I've always had something of an interest in clothing and style but it wasn't until I came to London 4 years ago and saw how expressive people were with their styles that I really started to explore it.

Tell us about your blog, The Male Stylist. What is your goal with this blog?

Adam: The Male Stylist is simply a blog where men of all ages can come to find style tips and advice to suit a "modern gentleman."

The idea is that the clothing and styles are relatively free from the coming and going of trends; instead they can help readers create looks that will last them for as long as they want.

I'm not sure it has a goal other than to reach as many readers as possible and become a better resource for those who already read it.

What were the early days of the blog like? How did you first start getting traction for it?

Adam: The early days were hard work. I used to blog 3 times a week just to build out the site and get some content up.

Within a few weeks I had brands like Molton Brown emailing me to discuss reviews; at that point, my daily visits started to increase rapidly.

What's the most surprising thing about being a male fashion & grooming blogger?

Adam: I think it's been the sheer volume of support.

You're often lead to believe that the internet is a hostile environment, but almost everyone who's read the blog has been a big support and sent lovely feedback.

I'd like to say a big thanks to all of my readers and subscribers; you're fantastic!

What's the biggest mistake that you think guys are making when it comes to grooming?

Adam: I think not caring is often a big mistake.

Being able to present yourself in a smart way can help improve your love life, your career, and most importantly, your health.

Grooming and skincare were once seen as "effeminate," but now it's a market that's booming with products, influencers and consumer interest.

What are your 3 best grooming tips for guys?

Adam: SPF in your moisturiser is a must! It helps prevent the signs of aging and keeps skin healthy, as well as helping to prevent skin cancer.

Be sparing with your cologne. Less is more, so 3 sprays at the most. One on your neckline, one on your wrist, and one behind the ear.

Exfoliate 1-2 times a week. It'll help keep spots at bay and prevent flaky skin issues.

What do your daily morning & evening grooming routines look like?

Adam: Evening is all about preparation for the next day. It usually consists of a face wash with warm water followed by a hot shave using a shaving cream. Then a post shave balm to soothe the skin before applying a final moisturiser before bed. Once a week I apply a cleansing mud mask to keep my skin clear.

The morning is much simpler and more about waking both me and my skin up. A cold shower in the morning with a light facewash and shower gel (plenty of citrus/mint notes); then I apply a Kiehl's moisturiser before heading out.

How can people learn more about you and find out what you're up to?

Adam: You can follow me at @MaleStylist on Twitter and @MaleStylist on Instagram. I'd love to hear from new followers and happy to answer questions.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to The Male Stylist through the website via email.


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