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  • Doorstep Dapperness: The Mr. Collection | An Interview with CEO Vladimir Paniouchkine
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Doorstep Dapperness: The Mr. Collection | An Interview with CEO Vladimir Paniouchkine

 Vladimir Paniouchkine

The Mr. Collection is a men's clothing subscription service that allows men to rent clothing and accessories - with the option to purchase the products that they like and want to keep.

Each month, customers are sent a unique package of 3-5 items selected by stylists. Is this service for you?

Find out more about The Mr. Collection from CEO Vladimir Paniouchkine in this interview.


What's the story behind The Mr. Collection, and what motivated you to start the business?

Vladimir: When I was in college I didn’t have the same fashion sense as I have now. I would walk into a store with a budget of what I wanted to spend, but I didn’t know what to buy. There were too many choices, I didn’t know what went with what.

I would look at a styled mannequin and add up the prices of what it would cost to look like that and I saw that the retail prices amounted to hundreds of dollars.

My girlfriend, Victoria, now wife and business partner, and I thought there has to be a better way. And that’s when the light bulb went off.

What are the major pain points that you're aiming to solve with your business?

Vladimir: Our reason for beginning The Mr. Collection is so that we can provide a service that alleviates the stress of having to go shopping and the commitment of purchasing something that will go out of style quickly.

Plus, think of how many times you have looked into your closet and said “I have nothing to wear.” The Mr. Collection solves this issue by providing you a rotating closet.

What are the top benefits of being a customer?

Vladimir: Our stylists and buyers work together to find great brands to add to our collections. Your stylist will put together a monthly pack of 3-5 items that you did not have to shop for yourself based on your style profile that you fill out upon sign up.

Your pack will come with fresh and clean clothing, ready to be mixed and matched with your own wardrobe and when you’re through, all you have to do is put it in the pre-paid return envelope by the return cut off date and your next pack will be on its way.

No cleaning required!

What makes The Mr. Collection different than the other fashion and style subscription services for men that are out there?

Vladimir: We are primarily a rental, not purchasing service like most other box subscription services that only give you a certain amount of days to try on the clothes and send them back.

Our service provides members the ability to wear the clothing in their everyday lives without having to purchase anything, unless they choose to keep the item at their discounted member price.

What do you think is the #1 fashion & style-related issues you think guys struggle with?

Vladimir: I think everyone is just so busy leading their lives, trying to find the balance between family, friends and work. Shopping and discovering new styles tends to be last on a man’s list of priorities due to lack of time and the money involved.

Our service provides the opportunity to still care for yourself and your appearance without having to necessarily do it yourself.

If you could give our readers just one fashion & style tip, what would it be?

Vladimir: Experimentation is key.

Members have told us that sometimes we send styles that they wouldn’t have chosen themselves but that they end up liking. The fact that they get to keep items for longer than trying it on at a store pushes them past their comfort zones.

Life is all about growing.

How can our readers learn more about what you're up to and connect with you online?

Vladimir: They can find us on our site at or our sister service,

They can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter through @TheMrCollection. We'd love to hear from them!


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