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A Guide: Face Care Products for Men

Dapper & Done | A Useful Guide to Men's Face Care Products

This guide is approximately a 6-minute read.

Overwhelmed by all of the face care products that are out there? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn about the following 10 categories of face care products:

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A Guide: Face Care Products for Men

Hey, ladies aren't the only ones who want to have healthy skin!

A clear, youthful complexion is important to many guys too, and the manufacturers of skin care products are finally catching on to that - which means that there are more options out there to help men care for their skin than ever before.

In fact, there are so many kinds of products out there that you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed when you start to compare them all.

But don't fear - this guide is here to help make shopping for the right products to care for your face incredibly easy.

You're about to learn more about the most common types of men’s skin care products, what they are, and why they may benefit you, starting with...


Face Wash

Who It’s for: Everyone 

Face wash is a cleanser that is made especially for purifying the complexion.

Balanced to remove impurities without over-drying the face, these washes eliminate dirt and sweat that can clog your pores and give rise to blemishes. Plus, they leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Every skin care regimen should start with a face wash, but the type that is right for you will depend on your skin type. There are products available for oily, dry, combination, acne-prone, and sensitive complexions.

(If you want to learn more about face wash, take a look at this guide on how to choose a men's face wash.)

An example of a face wash is the Clarifying Gel Face Wash from Brickell:

Dapper & Done | Brickell Clairfying Gel Face Wash


Face Scrub

Who It's For: Everyone, but especially for men with acne, dry skin, ingrown hairs or skin imperfections

Face scrubs cleanse skin similarly to face washes but they have an extra benefit - they remove dead skin as you massage them against your face. This is called exfoliation, and it helps to promote a smoother, softer complexion. (And now you know what “exfoliation” is!)

Removing dead skin regularly with a face scrub helps to keep your pores clear, decreasing the likelihood of acne breakouts and ingrown hairs.

Plus, exfoliating can remove flaky, rough, and thickened skin that develops due to dryness, and it can minimize signs of aging and skin discoloration too.

(If you want to learn more about face scrubs, check out this guide on how to choose a men's face scrub.)

An example of a face scrub is the Bamboo Face Scrub from Kale Naturals:

Kale Naturals Bamboo Face Scrub


Face Moisturizer

Who It's For: Everyone

After you work out, you need to drink water to stay hydrated, right? Well, your skin is the same way. It needs moisture to feel and look its best, and all day long, evaporation causes some of its natural moisture to become depleted.

Applying a face moisturizer is like refreshing your skin. This type of skin care product drenches the skin in hydration to keep it supple and smooth. (Yes… supple.)

All men should moisturize daily at the end of their skin care regimens.

Like face washes, moisturizers are offered in different formulations to meet the needs of dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, and sensitive complexions.

(For more on face moisturizers, read this guide on how to choose a men's face moisturizer.)

An example of a face moisturizer is the Victory Moisturizer with SPF 15 from Portland General Store:

Portland General Store Victory Moisturizer


Face Serum

Who It's For: Everyone, particularly men concerned with signs of aging

You can think of a face serum as a super-charged skin care product. These lightweight products are ultra concentrated with ingredients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and building blocks of proteins called peptides.

A very small amount of face serum can deeply nourish skin, providing it with raw materials needed to produce healthy cells.

While there are different types of face serums available, most provide anti-aging benefits to minimize existing lines and wrinkles, protect skin from wrinkle-causing damage - or both.

(Find out more about men's face serums in this guide on how to choose a face serum for men.)

An example of a face serum is the Gentleman's Face Serum from Brooklyn Grooming:

Brooklyn Grooming Face Serum


Face Toner 

Who It's for: Everyone

Toning is the important middle step in a skin care regimen that most men neglect.

Toners help to normalize oil production by keeping skin's pH levels balanced. Your body naturally produces oil called sebum to keep your skin lubricated and healthy, and it judges when to produce more or less oil by monitoring how acidic your skin is.

Unfortunately, environmental conditions and lifestyles can throw your skin's acidity levels out of whack, leading your body to make too much or too little oil. Using a facial toner is like resetting your skin's pH to normal, so that oil production can occur at an optimal rate.

Plus, toners refine the pores to reduce the risk of acne, oversized pores and ingrown hairs, and they can make the other products in your skin care regimen more effective.

(For more on face toners, check out this guide on how to choose a men's face toner.)

An example of a face toner is the Willow Toner with Black Willow Bark from Portland General Store:

Willow Toner from Portland General Store


Face Oil

Who It's For: Men with very oily or very dry skin

Face oils are concentrated blends of oily moisturizing ingredients that can be ideal for two different purposes. 

Men who have oily skin can use a face oil in place of a daily moisturizer to meet their skin's moisture needs without congesting their skin and worsening problems related to excessive oil production.

Guys with drier skin can use face oils as spot treatments to soften and hydrate rough patches that persist despite the use of a daily moisturizer.


Night Cream

Who It's For: Men with stressed skin or skin imperfections

You know that you need a good night's sleep to refresh your body, but what you may not realize is that your skin gets rejuvenated while you rest as well.

It's while you sleep that your body does the hard work of repairing damage caused by UV exposure, shaving irritation, and other skin stressors.

Night creams are skin care products that support this natural repair process and can address a wide variety of concerns, including inflammation, flaky skin, wrinkles, and skin discoloration.

Any man can use one to promote a healthier complexion, but they're especially beneficial for guys with chronic skin care concerns.


Face Mask

Who It's For: Men with oily, dry or aging skin 

You've surely seen a movie where the beautiful leading lady is giving herself a facial and gets surprised when she has a face full of cream or clay - that's a face mask! 

A staple treatment in spas, face masks are like intensive therapies for your complexion.

You apply one and allow it to rest for a set period of time so that its ingredients can penetrate your skin. Then you wipe it off, rinse it away or peel it off, depending on the type.

Because they're treatments, face masks are formulated to address specific types of concerns like oiliness, dryness, and signs of aging.

An example of a face mask is the Botanical Resurfacing Mask from URTH:

Botanical Resurfacing Mask


Eye Cream

Who It's For: Everyone

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face? It's true! Because the skin in the eye area is so thin, it's incredibly fragile and prone to many problems like wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

Eye creams are gentle, yet effective skin care products designed for strengthening, protecting and nourishing the skin around the eyes.

Using one regularly can make you less likely to wake up to dark circles and bags under your eyes, and many of the creams contain ingredients that diminish lines or help prevent the damage that causes wrinkles to form.

(Learn more about eye creams in this guide on how to choose an eye cream for men.)

An example of eye balm is Restoring Eye Balm from Brickell:

Restoring Eye Balm


Lip Balm

Who It's For: Everyone

You don't want to lean in for a kiss with dry, chapped lips, do you?

A lip balm is a moisturizer made especially for the lip tissue. It softens and conditions the skin by replenishing lost hydration and also leaves behind a protective barrier that cuts down on the risk of dryness and chapping occurring.

Some lip balms contain sunscreen ingredients that provide SPF protection from UV to prevent sunburn while providing all of the other benefits of a lip balm.


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