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Dapperness Expert: Gary from Men's Hairstyles Today


Men's Hairstyles Today is a blog that features hair trends for men.

In this interview, Gary - one of the guys behind the blog - shares the story behind MHT, some solid hairstyle advice for men, and more.

In addition, make sure to check out the awesome infographic of popular hairstyles for men in 2016 toward the end of the article!


What is Men's Hairstyles Today, and what's your mission?

Men’s Hairstyles Today is all about showcasing the coolest hair trends. It’s as much about educating new hair enthusiasts about different styles and terminology as inspiring guys to try new looks.

Men’s fashion has really experienced a renaissance the last few years. Like women, how a man looks certainly affects the way he feels and the amount of confidence he exudes.

And while your wardrobe is certainly a huge factor, a man’s hair and grooming is the foundation. At MHT, we like to think that the outfit doesn’t make the man look good; the man makes the outfit look good.

With this in mind, helps men find the best hairstyles and looks by providing dozens of examples of each style.

What's your back story, and how did you end up becoming involved with the blog?

My brother and I started the blog for a couple reasons.

First, we wanted a fun project we could work on together – something that wasn’t too serious, but interested both of us. Second, we wanted to learn more about the different types of hairstyles and haircut.

For example, what’s the difference between a pompadour and quiff? How do you differentiate between a skin, low, mid, and high fade? Are the terms “taper” and “fade” interchangeable? What are the defining characteristics of an undercut vs high fade?

These were some questions we had before we started the blog. Now, we’re “experts”, although it is important to acknowledge that naming and describing haircuts is really subjective.


How do you and your team learn about all of the different hairstyles out there?

Like anything else, we invest the time to research and stay on top of industry trends so our readers don’t have to.

You would think that starting a blog filled with images would be easy to build, but we are very particular about maintaining a very high editorial standard, and that includes publishing the cleanest quality images that depict a variety of styles for each look.

Ultimately, we keep our personal preferences to a minimum and try to offer our readers the best user experience.

What's the biggest mistake that guys make when it comes to their hairstyles?

It’s hard to pinpoint one for all guys, but from personal experience, my biggest mistake was not experimenting with different cuts and changing my look till I found something I loved.

While I certainly can’t pull off a Mohawk and don’t have the beautiful, flowing locks required for a pompadour or man bun, I was too lazy and scared to try anything other than a very short haircut.

Furthermore, I used a strong gel that would clump my hair together, causing you to see my scalp. I didn’t love the look, but didn’t want to venture either.

Looking back, it was kind of dumb. So many years wasted not having a haircut I loved.

It wasn’t until I started visiting a local barbershop that I discovered barbers who had crazy skills that gave me the confidence to try something different. Although I continue to stick with the “short on sides, long on top” look... the subtle touches make the cut look so much better than before.

If you could give just the best hairstyle tip for men, what would it be?

Skip Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, Sports Clips, Great Clips, or any other “all-in-one” hair salons and visit a barbershop that caters to men.

Your local barbershop will have a talented barber who is passionate about creating the perfect fade or styling an awesome pompadour, and doesn’t see his clients as a conveyor belt of heads.

And to ensure you get the haircut you want, bring a picture or photograph of your request saved on your phone. This will avoid any issues with miscommunication!


What are some hair style-related resources that you recommend guys check out?

I may be biased, but I think the best resource is our infographic on the most popular haircuts of 2016. As for other hair styles not found on the infographic, check out our site and find a bunch of hair inspiration for your next visit to the barbershop.

Hairstyles infographic


Similarly, if you need help with grooming, hygiene, and styling products, I highly recommend you check out the Dapper and Done shop. These are some of the top brands in the industry...

Finally, if you’ve been inspired to start your own men’s lifestyle blog, you can check out this awesome guide by

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Thanks to Gary for the interview! If you're looking to retire your current hairstyle and want some ideas for a new one, make sure to check out Men's Hairstyles Today for some inspiration.

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