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How to Choose: Eye Creams for Men

Dapper & Done | Eye Creams for Men - How to Choose

This guide is approximately a 2-minute read.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • About the different types of eye cream
  • How to go about choosing an eye cream that’s right for you

Let’s dive in.


How to Choose: Eye Creams for Men

Have you ever walked into the office and had somebody look at you, and go, "Rough night?!"

It’s quite likely that your eyes are what gave you that haven't-slept-a-wink look that earned you the question.

Even if you didn't spend the night partying, you can wake up to dark circles and puffy eyes that make you look less than rested.

But there's a solution to the problem… eye creams!

An eye cream is a skin care product that is specially formulated to address imperfections that develop around the eyes but also to be extra gentle to the delicate skin in the area.

If you have any type of skin care problems like dryness around your eyes, crow's feet, dark circles, or under-eye bags, you should consider incorporating an eye cream into your regimen.

Read on to learn more about eye creams and how to choose a men’s eye cream.


Types of Eye Creams

Products that are used to care for skin around the eyes maybe referred to as “eye creams,” but they're not all actually creams.

There are a number of different types of eye treatments available, including:



A true eye cream is made mostly from various types of oils and butters mixed with active ingredients to address eye concerns. This gives them moisturizing benefits that are great for dry eye areas and not so good for oilier skin types.



A balm eye cream contains some oil but not as much as a true eye cream. As a result, balms are a good choice for guys with normal to moderately oil skin, and they become more rapidly absorbed by the skin tissue.

An example of an eye balm is the Restoring Eye Balm from Brickell:

 Dapper & Done | Restoring Eye Balm from Brickell



A gel eye treatment is not oil-based. It’s much lighter and has cooling, soothing properties. Gels are great for oilier skin and for calming inflammation around the eyes.



A serum is an ultra-concentrated eye treatment with a silicone base. You only need a small amount to get results, and the formulas become absorbed very quickly. Guys of any skin type can use a serum.

Often, serums cost more than other eye treatments because they're so potent.


How to Choose a Men's Eye Cream

Follow these steps to choose the right eye cream:

Step 1: Choose Your Type.

Start off by deciding whether a cream, balm, gel, or serum is the best choice for you, considering both your skin type and your lifestyle.

For example, if you have dry skin and are always stressed for time, you might select a serum over a cream because it's easy to apply due to fast absorption.


Step 2: Think About Your Skin's Needs.

Next, think about why you're using an eye treatment at all. Are you most worried about signs of aging? Dark circles? Under eye bags?" Or do you maybe have a number of problems to address?

Have a clear vision of what you're trying to achieve by adding an eye cream to your regimen.


Step 3: Check Out the Benefits.

Once you know what you need from an eye treatment, selecting the right one becomes easier. Treatments are typically formulated to address one or more skin care problems.

You just read the product descriptions and select one that's the type you desire and that contains ingredients that are capable of addressing your specific concerns.


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