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Brand Spotlight: Scotch Porter | An Interview with Founder Calvin Quallis

 Calvin Quallis

Scotch Porter's mission is to "provide healthy and effective products that help men to feel confident and look their best as they set out to explore the world and build their dreams."

In this interview, founder Calvin Quallis shares the story behind Scotch Porter, what makes their products special, and the one beard grooming tip he would give.


What’s the story behind Scotch Porter, and what motivated you to launch the brand?

I've always been drawn to solving problems, so I spotted a problem that many of the men in my former barbershop faced when trying to grow or maintain facial hair. Many of our clients had frizzy, dry, brittle beards. 

We looked to the marketplace for a suitable solution for our clients, but could find nothing truly effective, so from the kitchen of my home I set out to create a product that would solve these problems for the most stubborn hair on men: facial hair.

With no formal background in chemistry, just tons of trial and error, I formulated a beard product that helped to effectively seal in moisture, instantly soften and add shine to the beard, all while preventing excessive shedding and eliminating breakage.

The knowledge that I've gained creating this product led me to creating other beard and hair products that too would offer the same benefits. 


What is your philosophy on ingredients?

We create healthy, non-toxic products that leave men looking and feeling their best.

Our proprietary formulas are made with the best nature has to offer - small batched, certified organic ingredients - good for healthier, natural grooming.

Also, our products contain special blends free of silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, artificial colors, and is safe for color-treated beards and hair.

 Scotch Porter Beard Products

Let’s suppose a potential customer is in the market for beard products. Why should he choose to use Scotch Porter products? What makes your products special?

What separates Scotch Porter from the competition is that we are more than just a men’s grooming brand; we’re not just selling what’s in a bottle, we are creating a lifestyle. This is visible through our social media messaging, our brand ambassadors, our editorial journal that discusses lifestyle elements, such as fashion, music, culture and the overall experience that we offer our customers.

We also understand and have a deep connection with our customer. We understand why he strives to appear put-together and well-groomed for the 30 second impression. It all comes from wanting to feel good. Looking good feels good, and feeling good gives you the confidence needed to go out there and crush it.

Finally, and equally important, our products are truly effective, and do exactly what we promise they’ll do. Our customers expect world class, effective products and that’s what we deliver.

 Scotch Porter Face Products

What’s something interesting about Scotch Porter that most people don’t know?

That there's science and a lot of research that goes into developing each and every one of our products, followed by real human testing to ensure that we're delivering really effective, healthy, world-class products.


If you could give one beard grooming tip, what would it be?

The one beard grooming tip that I'd give is to stop washing your beard so often.

Daily shampooing or washing of one's beard only leads to a dry, frizzy, dull-looking beard, as it strips the beard of natural, beneficial oils. You do not need to wash your beard with shampoo or a beard wash more than once per week.

In place of shampooing so often, conditioner wash the beard up to 5 times per week. It will leave you with a much healthier looking and feeling beard and seal down those frizzy, stray beard hairs.


How can people connect with the brand online?

You can visit our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages @scotchporter.

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