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Dapper & Done: What We’re Tackling First


It really shouldn’t be that annoying/irritating/frustrating to get your grooming products.

You shouldn’t have to waste your energy going to the store (or multiple stores) to get what you need. You shouldn’t have to spend time searching for products online, reading reviews, etc.

You use grooming products all the time. (Hopefully.) You run out and need new stuff repeatedly.  There should be an easier, more efficient way to get your products.  And this is the first major challenge that we’ll be tackling first at Dapper & Done.

Dapper & Done will make your life easier by regularly delivering your choice of premium grooming products to you on your own schedule.  

We want to make it easy for men to get their grooming products. Purchasing grooming products should be a simple, quick, and efficient process.

Maybe it still won’t be your favorite thing to do - but at least you shouldn’t be angry or frustrated about it.

We’re creating a shopping experience for men that emphasizes two major points: quality and convenience.

  • Quality is important because you’re not a kid anymore. It’s time to start treating yourself better by using higher-quality products.
  • Convenience is key because… well, again, you’re not a kid anymore.  You’ve got things to do, you’ve got a career, and/or you’ve got responsibilities to tend to.  You don’t have the time or energy to spend doing low-value add things.
Sound intriguing?  Then let's get you set up, so you have time for everything else in your life.


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