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A Lesson In Dapperness: 5 Questions with Brickell Co-Founder, Josh Meyer


Brickell is an emerging brand that Dapper & Done has partnered with.  They've been featured in Gear Patrol and Men's Journal - and were recently featured in Men's Health's best small-batch grooming products for men.

If you want to start stepping up your grooming game, Brickell is a brand that you should consider bringing into the mix.  Learn why in this interview with one of their co-founders, Josh Meyer (pictured above).


1. Let's start off by having you give us an overview of Brickell. How would you describe Brickell in one sentence?

Josh: High performing natural skincare and grooming products for men. 

2. What motivated you to launch Brickell?

Josh: Being a typical entrepreneur, I was trying to solve my own problem. I couldn't find natural skincare products for men that actually worked well.

Most products claimed to be natural but when I researched the ingredients, I discovered they weren't really natural at all. One popular brand even had an ingredient known to shrink the testicles of mice.

The more guys I spoke with, the more I heard how they tried to use natural products, but the performance and efficacy just wasn't there - so we decided to change that.

3. What's your philosophy on the ingredients you use in your products? Tell us about your products and why they're unique.

Josh: We believe in only putting the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in every bottle. When formulating a product, we have a top down approach. We start with the assumption that the product will be 100% natural and only add something synthetic if it's absolutely necessary for efficacy or product stability. This is why all our products are at least 98%+ natural and at least 60%+ organic.

Our products are unique because not only are they natural, but they work really well. Science has brought us to the point in skincare where you can use natural ingredients and have better performance than something with synthetic ingredients.

In fact, most companies know this but continue to use synthetic ingredients because it results in a much cheaper cost to create the product. They'll then often add trace amounts of natural ingredients so they can put "all natural" on the bottle. 

4. If you could give one grooming tip to our readers, what would it be?

Josh: Get a basic skincare routine and stick with it. Using a sound routine year after year will benefit you immensely over time. Just like anything else in life, you'll see the best results if you stick with something over a long period of time.

There's a reason women have much better skin than men as the years go by, because they usually have a skincare routine.

5. Where can our readers learn more about Brickell?

Josh: I think the best way to learn about a company is to hear what others are saying about it, especially a company's customers. Your readers can hear reviews from our customers on our Testimonials page, or hear what popular media has to say on our Press page.

They can also learn more about men's skincare in our Grooming Manual.


Step Up Your Grooming Game

Nice - good stuff from Josh... but that's not all, fellas.

Josh also has a quick and easy 2-step facial care routine that any guy can incorporate into his grooming game. Plus, here is the Daily Essential Face Care Routine Bundle that can help you do the routine effectively:

Brickell Face Care Bundle

The two products that make up this bundle are Brickell's Daily Essential Face Moisturizer and Clarifying Gel Face Wash.

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