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A Lesson in Dapperness: 5 Questions with Allen Shafer of Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark aims to create high-quality grooming products built for the way men operate. Founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, F&R started with a series of solid colognes that were designed to fit into everyday life. 

Find out more about F&R and their products from one of their founders, Allen Shafer.

1. Tell us the story behind Fulton & Roark. What motivated you guys to start the business?

Allen: We say we are an independent men's grooming company built upon the idea that we craft products built for the way men operate. And by that we mean we are thoughtful in the design process in both packaging and formula to create products that can seamlessly fit into guys’ routines and perform at a high level for the core function of a product.  

I think this is most easily explained in action; for example, the cologne container is sized to easily fit in your pocket while also not containing any hard angles to create creases in your pants.  The movement mechanisms, along with the bar on the bottom are designed to allow for one-handed open and close motions.  And last, it is a rugged TSA-friendly, shatter-proof container made to be on-the-go - safe for a gym bag or international flight.  

And next, what I mean by core function of a product: before we worked on the shave cream formula, we tested out dozens of shave creams, lotions, gels, and oils - then spoke to regular guys, barbers, and dermatologists to get a handle for the real purpose of shave cream. We found that shave cream at its core is really about the lubrication or the removal of friction.

To get to all the benefits that a shave cream provides, you need to allow the razor to glide as smoothly across the skin as possible, so we focused in on the one point even at the expense of other desirable features such as foam, to create a durable glide layer that gives better performance.

2. What are the main differences between your colognes and regular colognes?

Allen: Our goal in developing the solid colognes was to keep the inherent benefits of wax-based colognes (mobility, ease of application, controlled wear) while not sacrificing on fragrance quality expected of premium fragrances. Most solid fragrances use Beeswax or Shea Butter that detract from the fragrance itself.

So we developed an odorless wax base made from microcrystalline wax that wears evenly and allows the fragrance to be front and center.

3. What is Fulton & Roark's philosophy on ingredients?

Allen: Quality and performance.

4. What other products is F&R planning on launching this year?

Allen: We just launched the shave cream, and we are a couple months out on a bar soap, then a few more on a face wash and aftershave. We’re also hoping to release a few more limited reserves this year.

5. How can our readers learn more about F&R and your products?

Allen: Our website Sign up for our e-mail blast for discounts and new product updates. 


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