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Wet Shaving Toolkit: 21 Resources to Help You Get Started with Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving Toolkit

Thinking about getting into wet shaving… but not sure where to start? Or - if you’re already wet shaving… but not exactly sure what you’re doing and need some help?

Well, below is a short and sweet “toolkit” of resources – articles, blogs, communities, experts to follow, and other resources – to help you step up your wet shaving game.


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Educational Content

(1) What is Wet Shaving? (Source:

Totally new to wet shaving? In fact, don’t even know what wet shaving really is? Get an overview of the basics: definition of wet shaving, how to effectively do it, what tools you’ll need, traditional wet shaving vs. modern wet shaving & more.

(2) 7 Mistakes New Wet Shavers Make (Source:

Learn what NOT to do. Shaving expert Mark Herro shares 7 mistakes that new wet shavers make – including shaving over unlubricated skin, incorrect blade angle, and repeating strokes – plus, advice on how to overcome these mistakes.

(3) The Ten Minute Traditional Wet Shave (Source: Sharpologist YouTube Channel)

Now actually watch Mark Herro do a traditional wet shave in this video tutorial.

(4) So You Want to Be a Wet Shaver? (Source:

Learn about the tools, products, and accessories you’ll need for wet shaving.

(5) Types of Razors: The Basics (Source:

Learn about two different kinds of razors that can be used in wet shaving: straight razors and safety razors.

(6) Safety Razors or Cartridge Razors (Source:

Find out how typical cartridge razors compare with safety razors.

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(7) The Shaving Cream Guide (Source:

There are so many types of shaving creams, foams, and gels. Learn more about shaving creams – and even how to lather.

(8) The Shaving Soap Guide (Source:

You can also use shaving soap for your wet shaving routine. Find out what makes a good shaving soap, how to use it, and what makes shaving soaps different than shaving creams.

(9) What Is the Best Shaving Brush? (Source:

There are also a variety of different shaving brushes that you can use. Learn about boar, horse, badger, synthetic, and travel brushes.

(10) The Best Shaving Bowls for the Most Traditional Shave (Source:

Do you really need a shaving bowl? Educate yourself about shaving bowls, mugs, and scuttles.



(11) Sharpologist – Wet-shaving and grooming resource that offers tutorials, product reviews, discussions, and more.

(12) Sharpologist YouTube Channel - A plethora of videos to help you with wet shaving including topics on shaving techniques, equipment, product reviews, Q&As, and more.

(13) Why I Wet Shave – Resource for people who are completely new to wet shaving. 

(14) Manliness Kit – Grooming blog that covers wet shaving, as well as beard grooming, facial care, and other grooming topics.

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(15) The Shave Nook 

(16) The Shave Den 


(18) Badger & Blade 


Experts to Follow

(19) Mark Herro (aka Mantic59) of Sharpologist

(20) Matt Broderick of Why I Wet Shave


Wet Shaving Products

(21) Dapper & Done

Looking to pick up some shaving products to help you with your shaving game? Dapper & Done offers pre-shave, shaving creams & soaps, and after-shave.

If you’re not sure what to get started, then check out the Wet Shaving Starter Kit, which will give you a low-risk opportunity to try out a variety of wet shaving products – pre-shave, shaving creams, aftershave – for just $10 (not including taxes). We’ll even throw in free shipping too. :)

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  • Oct 26, 2015

    Great list of resources, keep up the good work.

    — Matt Broderick

  • Oct 26, 2015

    Great list of resources Justin. Very happy that The Manliness Kit features in it.

    — John @ The Manliness Kit

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